No Wedding Plans For Amanda Yet

Amanda Du Pont hasn't started planning her wedding.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Amanda du-Pont  | Relationships

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Actress, Amanda Du Pont dropped some shocking information, when she revealed that her wedding plans haven't actually taken form.

Say whaaat!?, Yep, apparently Amanda has not "had the time" to start planning her wedding, akere that's what follows after getting engaged? Therefore it was quite weird and strange that the actress hasn't deemed her own wedding a priority.

The gorgeous and talented actress is gracing the cover of this month's True Love Magazine. In a quick Q & A video, Amanda is asked how far along is she with her wedding preparations, and her response was actually unexpected.
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The 31 year old casually revealed that she hasn't started with her wedding preparations.

"Honestly I'm just enjoying my engagement. Also I feel so blessed that my schedule and work has been so incredible, so we haven't been able to find it in our time to start planning.''
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Perhaps, Amanda Du Pont is one of those brides-to-be, who relish in the adrenaline rush of events. Some, however, fear that her non-chalant approach could indicate trouble in paradise. What do you think?

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