Haibo! Was Andile Cheating On Tamia All Along?

The math is not 'mathing'

By  | Jan 18, 2022, 12:00 PM  | Andile Mpisane  | Relationships

Andile and Tamia Mpisane
Andile Mpisane shocked the whole country when he suddenly got married in December 2021. He took to Instagram to share a picture of his proposal to his now wife Mrs Tamia Mpisane, but the greatest plot twist was that they also got married on the same day. 

Now the newlyweds have taken to social media to celebrate their first month as husband and wife, but something about the mathematics of their union makes no sense.
As Andile's message to his wife was shared on Twitter, tweeps dragged them both to high heavens. Nobody could understand why they would choose to celebrate a one month anniversary. I mean, what even is that? Fans even pointed out the fact that the phrase "one month anniversary'' makes no sense, since anniversary literally means a year. 
But the "idiocy" of the celebration was not the only bone of contention. Andile further said that 17th of January marked ten months of their relationship. Now, to understand why this is confusing, we would have to take a walk down memory lane. 

In November 2021, Andile made headlines when he gifted his baby mama Sithelo Shozi an expensive luxury BMW. Everyone was shook as their relationship had admittedly had ups and downs, and Andile had been accused of cheating on Sithelo multiple times. 
In December of the same year, barely a month later, Andile got married abruptly and even had fans suspect that it was because Tamia was pregnant. But she has made multiple public appearances and unless it's very young she's not showing any signs of pregnancy. 
So let's do the math. Andile got married less than a month after gifting his baby mama, but he now says he and Tamia have been together for ten months. Are you thinking what we are thinking? The math is not mathing. 
Was he dating both women at the same time for at least eight months? Surely Tamia had to have known about Andile being with Sithelo, seeing as they had a very public relationship. Is Tamia the woman Andile was allegedly cheating on Sithelo with? Woah! 

But also, from the photo shared by entertainment blogger Musa Khawula, Andile asked Tamia to marry him, via text, on 19th March. That was a whole eight months before he bought Sithelo the car. So if he already knew he would marry Tamia, what was he doing with Sithelo for eight more months? 

If you think that's messy, consider that Sithelo has also recently been accused of having cheated on Andile, as it was alleged that he suspected the paternity of their second child together. 

So what's the deal? Is everybody cheating on everybody else in ZAlebville? Was Tamia knowingly a side chick, or was she the fool all along? Is their marriage even real? Because hayi shem! It's too complicated! 

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