Ann Malinga remembers her late husband

Ann is still crushing on her late hubby 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Ann Malinga  | Relationships

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It has been a couple of months since Robbie Malinga's tragic passing and since then, his wife has been vocal about missing him. 

Over the past couple of months, Ann and her son, Robbie Malinga Jnr have been thrust into the spotlight and the masses have been interested in how they live their lives. 

A couple of days ago, Ann penned a heartfelt message about missing her late husband.

"Crushing on this Angel of mine who served me Proper Love & Genuine Happy Marriage. He taught my Son how to love a Woman by how he treated me and I have no doubt I’m raising a good man in my Son, the values were instilled at a very young age by a Good Man❤️ #MyForever#GuardianAngel 👼," she wrote. Take a look at the post below: 


A couple of months ago, Robbie Malinga Jnr was being cyberbullied and Ann took to her social media pages to send him a reassuring message.

"Love them so much that they don’t feel the need for society’s approval of who they truly are. Don’t raise children that feel the need to please society to fit in or try hard to be liked, raise Confident God-fearing children NOT Society fearing low self-esteem children" she wrote in an Instagram post.

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