Brenden and Mpoomy are falling deeper in love

The singer is pouring his heart out.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Brendon Naidoo  | Relationships

Brenden and Mpoomy Ledwaba are one of our favourite celebrity couples. The young lovers have been together for several years and their romance reads like a page from a fairytale.

Although they are both young, their love for one another is pretty remarkable – they give us hope that true love does exist. The couple got married two years ago and welcomed their first child in December 2018.

After baby Nuri was born, Brenden took to Instagram to share a sweet message.  He wrote: "This past week has been the pinnacle of joy for us, God has blessed us with the perfect gift. It's an incredible feeling, one I struggle to put into words, but I'm grateful that we've been entrusted with the responsibility of raising this young Queen."

Since welcoming their daughter, the couple went on their first baecation in Cape Town for Mpoomy's birthday, and, as usual, they shared the snaps with their many fans on Instagram.

Brenden also shared a beautiful message to the mother of his child. "Who would have thought that almost five years down the line we’d be falling deeper and deeper in love, loving you has been the greatest honor of my life, supporting you has been the greatest privilege. You’re my favorite thing to do," he wrote.




It's quite clear that they're not only lovers, but also best friends. In case you're wondering how Brenden knew he wife is the one, during an interview on Massiv Metro, he revealed that after he got into an accident with friends, Mpoomy helped him out without asking a lot of questions. 

We have a slight accident... at around 3 am in the morning, so now, I don't have money... so, I call my girl, I’m like: ‘babe, I think I need like R3000, I’ve had an accident.' I tell her the whole story and she didn’t ask why she just sent the money...and I paid her back obviously. But the fact that I was in a situation...she could’ve said: ‘what were you doing’ and I was like yoh! This girl is the one...' That was like the first time I actually thought about it. I’d never experienced such kindness, and it wasn’t about the money, it’s more about, the fact that she was there, she didn’t ask questions, she just transferred," he explained. 

Main image credit: Instagram/@mpoomy_ledwaba