Has Maphorisa Moved On To Someone Better?

The DJ is in love and he cannot hide it

By  | Dec 16, 2021, 11:30 AM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Relationships

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The rumoured romance between Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa had to be one of the most entertaining of them all. The two sure gave us a show as their videos circulated all over social media, and a visibly smitten Thuli Phongolo, could not keep her hands away from Phori.

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But all of those rumours died down when Thuli was snapped with Mr. JazziQ, and they looked very cosy. People thought JazziQ stole Thuli from Maphorisa and left him heartbroken. The Woza hitmaker clarified that nothing is going on between he and Thuli, neither is he beefing with Phori.

“This past week I posted a picture with Thuli P and like it was going crazy you know? Now there is a story about me having beef with Phori (DJ Maphorisa) like no one has time for beef bro. It was just a picture and me and Thuli are just mates,” he told the Journalist DJ.

Also denying dating rumours was Thuli who said, “Thuli P is not dating anyone or “with” anyone in anyway…” - Lord let the truth be heard!!!"

Maphorisa never denied nor acknowledged Thuli as his girlfriend, instead he let things go.

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His recent Facebook post though, hints at him being in love, "We stronger together though," he said adding in love emoji.

If anything, he friend-zoned Thuli P when he called her "his boy" after sharing a poster where they will both be gigging.

At some point she was ready to date, but not SA men, "Everyday I think I’m ready to date but then everyday I’m not ready… because wow, amadoda! The happiness and peace I'm experiencing right now! My life journey is heading towards my desired direction. I'm so spiritually aligned. My loved ones fulfill me. My work is in order. I'm gradually dealing with mishaps with a sense of calmness. I'm genuinely enjoying life. Grateful! In terms of love, I don't think I'll win in S.A she said on IG months back. Unless a miracle happens but ke angifuni shame. Ha ke batle, immediately no," she said.

But just recently, she mentioned how she wants to stay single and not date anymore, "Yhu hayi, let me just remain single yeva! I can’t work so hard, get exhausted and still go home to deal with a circus. What in the clownology is thaaaart!? I’ve failed this course!"

But Thuli dribbled Mzansi for far too long when she alluded that she was gay, or when she alluded that she wanted her ex lover back.

Thuli was looking to regain her "happiness", and she thought going back to her ex boyfriend is the right move for her. Responding to a tweet which suggests that the social media user wants to go back to her ex, Thuli said she is also considering this move but she does not know if going to Dubai is a good idea.

"I’m going back to my ex. There’s nothing for me in these streets," the tweet read. Thuli responded by saying, "This is SO ME but I don’t wanna move to Dubai," she cried.

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