Should DJ Zinhle Stop Posting About AKA?

Seems everyone has moved on, so should she.

By  | Mar 01, 2023, 11:24 AM  | DJ Zinhle  | Relationships

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Umlilo hitmaker DJ Zinhle was the mother to late Hip-Hop legend Kiernan “AKA” Forbes' only child, daughter Kairo Forbes. As such, when the news of the late rapper’s assassination was made public, concern over her well-being was warranted. Therefore, when DJ Zinhle, who is married to Bongani “Murdah Bongz” Mohosana, would publicly mourn AKA, many stood with her.

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But it has been a week since his funeral service and subsequent burial. As such, it seems that the world and his loved ones have started picking up the pieces. Moreover, it seems that they have slowed down in terms of sharing memories they have with the rapper. All but DJ Zinhle

Should DJ Zinhle stop posting about AKA? 

DJ Zinhle recently celebrated a milestone on Tuesday, 28 February 2023. This is as her watch and jewellery line Era by DJ Zinhle celebrated 11 years since its formation. A company that has grown to be one of the most successful ZAlebs-fronted businesses with Zinhle roping in friend Moozlie as her Creative Director along with her family members occupying managerial positions. 

However, the celebrations seem to take a left turn when Zinhle then took to her Instagram Stories and indicated that this year is not just monumental due to the Era by DJ Zinhle milestone. But the no.1 female DJ in Africa went on to add that this marked 11 years of her also knowing AKA.
Social media users then started to create fake posts by DJ Zinhle saying other things about her relationship and past with AKA.

All this seemed to stem from the fact that many have had enough of DJ Zinhle still posting about AKA. Primarily, the stance has been supported by the fact that they believe that as a married woman, DJ ZInhle should be focusing on the dynamics of her blended family following the passing of AKA, instead of continuing to post about him. More so as the public was understanding during the first couple of weeks after AKA’s passing was announced.

Even the likes of Hulisani Ravele had supported the producer-DJ at the time that the backlash over Zinhle's manner of mourning started to garner traction. As reported at the time: 

Hulisani Ravele has called out all the people speaking negatively about DJ Zinhle ever since the death of her baby daddy, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. The negative talks did not begin there. In fact, people have always had a problem with DJ Zinhle's co-parenting style with AKA, saying Murdah Bongz, her husband, is being treated unfairly.

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Responding to Lerato Mannya's tweet about people speaking negatively about DJ Zinhle, Hulisani said people have made toxic environments their hallmark so when something healthy is slapped across their faces, they see it as toxic instead. 

@LeratoMannya tweeted, “I really don’t understand why DJ Zinhle has been getting the amount of flack she has been getting for just… being there to support her child through the loss of her father.“Why do you guys use cultural practices to be such POS? Why are your egos so fragile?”

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