Has Berita Moved On?

Tweeps want to know who is her “tennis partner.”

By  | Jan 27, 2023, 11:37 AM  | Relationships

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Thereafter, Berita would find herself at the centre of a number of headlines as Nota would beg for her to come back to him only to change his tune five minutes later by labelling her broke, unsuccessful or a “try hard” slay queen. Initially, Berita ignored the digs, then she was passionate about getting him to stop, and eventually she returned to default settings. 

Following her latest post, it might be that she has calmed down because she might have met a new man as tweeps speculated on the matter. 

Has Berita moved on? 

Berita seems to be in love with playing tennis. A fact which was first revealed by her friend and fellow musician Msaki. This was earlier in the month when Berita shared a touching post dedicated to her with some of the images being of them at the tennis court.
Msaki and Berita’s friendship was formed during their earlier days when still working towards the acclaim they have now in the Eastern Cape. The two along with  Zahara are part of the three most notable musicians to have garnered national and international acclaim having “come up” in the industry around the same time. 

Back to Berita and suggestions of whether she has moved on… When the musician took to Twitter to post a couple of images from her tennis session recently. Tweeps were stuck on the first frame which saw Berita seemingly playing against an unseen person.
As such, tweeps were quick to question if there was actually a person who was playing with her/ who was taking the picture in question. This is as Berita not revealing who she was playing against led some to believe that it might be a man she is not ready to show off just yet in fear of how Nota might behave.
However, Berita responded to set the record straight by sharing her young sparring partner.

But that does not mean that the good sis has not moved on considering the suggested dig she took at Nota recently. As reported then: 

It appears singer Berita has graduated at the top of her class from the school of shade. As she takes to Twitter to take a subtle jab at her estranged and controversial husband, Nota Baloyi.

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Evidently, Nota Baloyi earned to be called Kanye West from his frequent if not all the time rants on social media. Even Berita was forced to leave her marital home because things have taken a toll on her. Following her leaving Nota Baloyi, she was instantly trolled, ridiculed and tormented by Baloyi on Twitter.

However, Berita is getting a standing ovation, following her comment about Kanye West remarrying. Tweeps are also convinced that she may have taken a jab at Nota Baloyi, who has been dubbed the Kanye West of South Africa.

"I just heard the best news ever!!! KANYE WEST HAS REMARRIED" wrote Berita.

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