Stephanie Sandows On Marriage Being The Most Rewarding Thing

She details how married life has been treating her.

By  | Apr 21, 2020, 03:27 PM  | Hungani Ndlovu  | Relationships

Stephanie Sandows who is now Mrs. Ndlovu opened up about the frequently asked question: “So how’s married life?"

The newly-weds Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie tied the knot and cemented their love in the most beautiful wedding ceremony. The couple owns a YouTube channel where they give their fans insight on their relationship, dating back to the days where they were just boyfriend and girlfriend. They also shared the time Hungani proposed. Talk about transparency!

The actress gave followers insight into how she views marriage without divulging too much of her own.

"The most FAQ I still get is “so how’s married life” The generic answer is “it’s great” because if I were to get into it, really answer; I’d tell you how it can be the most challenging thing and the most rewarding, you can experience the happiest moments and saddest, the countless laughs and cries too," she wrote.

She reckons that marriage is not just a union with one-way emotions however it is a culmination of various emotions and feelings that make it work.

"A culmination of extreme highs and painful lows. The process of learning and then unlearning, letting go, forgiving, eating humble pie (often). The power of kindness & respect, the random kiss on the forehead or hug for no apparent reason.

"The power of being present not just in body but in mind too, the power of switching off the outside world and focusing on each other, even if only for a split second- the joy of letting go, being silly and wearing your heart on your shoulders at the risk of it being broken and then, after all, that- STILL choosing each other- every day, no matter what. All this in less than 2years- I wonder what other lessons forever will bring," she wrote.
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