Isencane Lengane Continues To Rub Viewers The Wrong Way

Viewers are even more upset at how Thando Msoi is vieweing abuse

By  | Jan 31, 2023, 10:39 AM  | Relationships

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It appears Moja LOVE's Isencane Lengane continues to ruffles scores of viewers feathers. Recently, viewers called for the show to be cancelled for once and for all. However, evidently Moja LOVE is pulling all the stops to change the narrative and worm its way back to the viewers heart.

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The viewers have had enough of Moja LOVE's Isencane Lengane following the Gender-Based Violence being broadcasted between Siyacela Dlamuka and wife, Thando Msomi. While viewers were fighting tooth and nail for Thando Msomi to be rescued to safety with immediate effect. In a turn of events, Thando Msomi has gagged every single viewer that was concerned and vouched for her safety.

The latest episode showed Thando Msomi so unbothered by the extent of Gender-Based Violence she has been subjected to. Viewers have actually washed their hands off of Thando Msomi who clearly is not showing any cry for help for the toxic and abusive relationship she is under.

"And also people would think I a being mistreated. I also feel like I am being abused when you hit me. Because I could not hit back. It is not that Siyacela is abusing me. It is just that he hits me. According to me being abused is when you hit someone until they bleed and hitting them everyday according to my knowledge" said Thando Msomi
As well as expected, viewers are still lambasting Moja LOVE as a channel to have opened up the can of worms by even broadcasting the episodes with abusive scenes. Which has resulted to old scenes resurfacing where viewers feel as though Siyacela Dlamuka has been forever abusive towards his wife, even when she was still pregnant.

"We can safely say that @MojaLoveTv is an enabler of gbv, why on earth was an abuser given a platform to tell his side of the story and not the victim? Y'all thought you were doing something special there but it made things worse, shot yourself on the foot #isencaneLengane" wrote Shawty
Linda Sibiya has been labelled as a biased TV host, who has continuously been enabling abusing on his show Mnakwethu on Moja LOVE.

"Linda Sibiya is a very biased Presenter he always protects abusers he use to Protect those man on #Mnakwethu treating their wives like shit to accept polygamous now his protecting Siyacela he must not come back #isencaneLengane" wrote Joy Zelda
Read more: Tables Have Turned On Isencane Lengane

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