Lasizwe Reminded That He Is An Orphan

It an emotional day for him

By  | Sep 20, 2021, 11:23 AM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Relationships

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It has been a year since Lasizwe Dambuza and Khanyi Mbau's father passed on and the siblings are remembering him as they try to make sense of the world without him.

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Lasizwe took to his Instagram to share his emotions, he said, "Today we are supposed to be celebrating trending #1 on YouTube. But today is such an emotional day for me. Today is the day I am reminded that I have no parents left on earth. Today marks 365 days since my father's passing. It's crazy how this life thing works. For me it is f*ked up"

"F***, THIS IS PAINFUL!!! Today marks one year of your passing, One year of being an orphan and One year of constant pain of not having parents. I’m in tears typing this message as it is so painful living day to day without having parents… My biggest wish to hear my parents say 'congratulations Thulasizwe, My child' " 

Lasizwe also said that people must promise him that they will treasure their parents while they are still alive.

He said, "Please promise me you while treasure your parents while you still can and they are still alive. THIS SHIT HURTS!!! especially when you’re trying to do well for yourself"

Khanyi reassured Lasizwe that she has got him. She also penned her own tribute. She said, "Dear Dad…It’s been 365 days and you have been gone. It still hasn’t sunk in, it will not sink in. We miss you in this realm, may the All knowing treat you well. Till our spirits cross paths again remember me" 
The popular YouTube sensation revealed through his stories on September 20th last year that his father that he shares with Khanyi Mbau has passed on. The family discovered the news together, while they were still together on the trip. Thinking of that moment, Lasizwe went on to write that, “One of the best weekends with my siblings, and now this happens.”

After revealing the news through his Instagram, the star took to Twitter to confirm the news. His first tweet was to reveal that he was currently numb to the news considering the shock. He then sent a tributary post to the parent that was his “last parent alive.” The star reflected on the journey to have his father’s acceptance and having received it for the last part of his father’s life.

A few weeks after that Lasizwe evealed that he was was on a retreat in Cape Town and he decided checked himself into a psychiatric center in the Western Cape to work on the his mental health issues and depression.

He later updated his followers that he had checked out from the center following a short stint, he came out of the center and continued to stay in the Western Cape. Khanyi Mbau posted pictures of her also relaxing in Cape Town which lead many to applaud her for helping her brother cope.

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