Lasizwe Dambuza makes a young fan's dream come true

It's no wonder he has such a large social media following. Girls just can't get enough of Ubabes wamaleyvels.

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Lasizwe Dambuza: Ubabes Wabantwana (Monday Morning)

One of the great things about being a ZAleb is the power you have to help people and make their drams come true. Lasizwe is the latest in Celebville to get off his high horse and give one of his supporters a night to remember.

Lasizwe Dambuza: Ubabes Wabantwana (Monday Morning)

It's the Matric dance season right now and matriculants and parents all over South Africa are preparing for this one night spectacular. 

Lasizwe became the latest ZAleb to make a fan's dream come true following a trend on Twitter in which a matriculant reaches out to the date of their dreams and asks them how many retweets they need in order to get a date with them. 

While others may ask for a ridiculous amounts of retweets knowing it's not easy to get, Lasizwe asked for a reasonable amount and the Twitter community was on Tholi Mosia's side because they came through for her.

Lasizwe Dambuza: Ubabes Wabantwana (Monday Morning)
Lasizwe Dambuza: Ubabes Wabantwana (Monday Morning)

Although he missed his flight, that still didn't stop him from driving all the way down to Bloemfontein just so he could put a smile on Tholi's face - unlike some of your faves, he kept his promise. Is that insane or what?

He clearly didn't just make his date's night, Ubabes wamaleyvels was in actual fact Ubabes Wabantwana on this night. He made all the beautiful girls feel nothing less than special.

Lasizwe Dambuza: Ubabes Wabantwana (Monday Morning)

We don't know how many more of your faves would do this but they could learn a thing or two from the youngster. Always be humble and keep your promises.

Big ups to you Lasizwe, because of you Tholi Moisa and the girls of St Michaels High School had nothing but a spectacular night. A night to remember indeed.

PS: Tholi looked like a dream.

Lasizwe Dambuza: Ubabes Wabantwana (Monday Morning)

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