Maps Maponyane Celebrates His Little Angel's First Birthday

What a little cutie she is

By  | Mar 28, 2022, 01:09 PM  | Maps Maponyane  | Relationships

Maps Maponyane
Maps Maponyane is famously single – he talks about it a lot himself. So it was quite surprising when he took to social media to wish his little angel a happy first birthday. 
The actor recently took to Instagram with a long, heartfelt and hilarious caption in which he gushed over the little girl. In his post, he said that she had turned one year old a week ago, but he was just now sharing pictures from the beautiful party. 

He had fans misled for a minute there, as we wondered when exactly Maps had a baby girl and why nobody knew about it. That was until he mentioned that he is her uncle, clearing up so many questions in everyone’s heads, and letting the ladies breathe a sigh of relief. 
Now, we have always known that Maps is a funny guy, but he really outdid himself with his caption. He made fun of the little one, saying that she had just recovered from being drunk on milk for a week, which is why he was just then posting the pictures after a whole week. 

The final frame of the pictures he posted has a baby doing a handstand using the wall for support, and his caption for it was everything. 
It started with climbing on tables in frame 6 that I knew we were in for a wild one. This is a still taken from the CCTV footage of how messy things got with shirts coming off and wall twerking, as soon as there was too much milk going around. GHE-TTO!,” he wrote. 

Maps seems like such a fun uncle, if he does say so himself. We are sure his gorgeous little niece Nova is really lucky to have him. But I know we are all thinking it – he would make an awesome father. Am I right, ladies? 
The actor seems to be piling on the surprising classic misdirections. Just a few months ago, he almost gave the ladies a heart attack when he posted a photo of himself with the stunning Pamela Mtanga, captioned “Mr and Mrs Buns”. 

It was shock all around as the comments were filled with people asking when he got married and why nobody knew anything about it. I mean, Pamela is a public figure too, so they definitely would have heard about a wedding, right? 
But in true Maps fashion, he did not clear it up and left it hanging, although we have a feeling he and Pamela aren’t really married. Unless…? 

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