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Most romantic celebrity couples in Mzansi

By  | Feb 14, 2022, 08:14 AM  | Master KG  | Relationships

Master KG/Murdah Bongz
Other than the many uncountable reasons as to why we love our Zalebs so much, one of them has to be the fact that those who have partners or spouses sure know how to make them feel loved and special. 

And to all the ladies reading this, well that is if you are a hopeless romantic like yours truly, there is nothing as hot and sexy as a man who knows how to treat his woman and vice versa. Put together below is a list of who we know to be the most romantic Zalebs in Mzansi. 

Read on and let us know if you agree or disagree.

Khanyi Mbau

At the top of the list is of course actress and socialite Khanyi Mbau who after she started dating her very own Kudzai, decided to share her romantic side with the world. Time and time again she has shared on her social media how well Kudzai has been treating her little did we know that she also has a few tricks down her sleeve.

Just the other day her fans were beyond shocked when they learnt that Khanyi had actually spent a whopping million on her bae’s birthday. Now I don’t know about you, but that is way too many zeroes for a birthday gift, and if that does not scream romantic, I don’t know what will.

Master KG

First of all, how cute is Master KG and Makhadzi? I mean they make the perfect couple and we most definitely love to see it. But what warms our hearts even more is to see our babe happy and all because of how well she is being loved. 

It was not that long ago when the Ghanama hitmaker had shared on her Instagram stories of the beautiful bouquet of roses that Master KG had gotten for her. And while it may have looked as a small gesture to many, the smile on Makhdazi’s face said it all. Well done sir!

He also just celebrated his birthday not too long ago and damn! Talk about being loved! Makhadzi penned down one heartfelt message to him that had us reaching for the tissues.

Dr Musa Mthombeni

Next up on the list is this hotshot doctor and TV presenter who just recently got married to the love of his life Liesl Laurie Mthombeni. Now if there is one Zaleb who is always constantly gushing over his wife, it has got to be Dr Musa. 

Just taking a look at his Instagram is enough to confirm that his heart is already locked and taken by the ever beautiful model. From ice cream dates to having random cute selfies together, we cannot stop loving how Musa loves his wife and can only hope the men in the room are taking notes!

Zodwa Wabantu

Following closely is socialite and exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu, who other than always making the headlines for her controversial lifestyle sure knows how to treat her Ben 10 Ricardo. At first many had not been quite comfortable with this love story but now, fans are dying to be in Ricardo’s place already.

Just the other day, the two had gone out on vacation and boy were they having a good time. Can we also talk about how Ricardo has a boyfriend allowance? I mean Zodwa is living proof that it doesn’t have to be the man doing all the loving all the time. All the best to these two!

Murdah Bongz

A trip to his Instagram page is enough to have us green with envy. Because if there is one woman who is receiving all the love and attention this world has to offer, it has got to be DJ Zinhle. 

What sold it all was the other day when Zinhle was celebrating her birthday. Murdah took to his Instagram to write her one sweet message that had us very much in love. And with the way Zinhle is always also gushing over him on her scials, we have to believe that Murgah is pulling all the right moves and we most definitely approve!

Anton Jeftha

How can this list possibly be complete without mentioning Anton. Although he and his new bae Boity had tried to keep their relationship under the wraps for some time, it was no rocket science that these two lovebirds have always been head over heels for each other. 

Even calling each other bestie was not enough to fool us because all the vacations they have already been to were saying something completely different. And damn, if only you could see how Anton looks at Boity, how absolutely gorgeous their photos are and how he's always showering her with bouquets and everything nice. Ooof! This is most definitely the goal guys. 

Khuli Chana

Khuli and Lamiez are one celebrity couple that is nothing short of a power couple. They always leave us in our feelings with the love they show each other. It was just the other day when Lamiez posted an image of her draped in the new Ivy Park drip which is made up of mostly neon green colours. 

The drip looked absolutely stunning on Lamiez, and that prompted an appreciation post from her husband. 

I love my CHICK Ka pelo le Moya (with all that I have.) In 2021 Your love carried me through the darkest times. It made me stronger. I am so grateful to have you as my wife and mother to Nia Lefika. O LEPARA! Here’s to Finishing STRONG.

The two have not shied away from expressing how much they love each other even in public and it is always such a beautiful sight to see. 

These celebrity couples are without a doubt the goal when it comes to expressing the love they have for each other. We continue to wish them nothing but love and happiness in their individual journeys. 

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