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By  | Nov 23, 2021, 05:30 PM  | DJ Lamiez Holworthy  | Relationships

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DJ Lamiez and her daughter share a bond that's so beautiful she literally is her world. Lamiez expressed on social media how she recently went through a draining experience but she could not wait to get home and dance with her 8-year-old daughter.

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Nia is from hubby Khuli Chana's previous relationship and Lamiez adores her like her own. "Between TV ,radio and club gigs, I still have to make time for my little girl. And on Sunday, in between multiple gigs, something pretty upsetting happened and the only person that could make me feel better was this little girl- My Dr. Princess aka Broke Bestie. I legit went home to see and dance with her which cheered me up," she said.

A few months ago, they enjoyed a mother-daughter type of situation at her school and Nia dishes on her family. It was pretty cute, "Sometimes it be your own kids that expose you! Attended a child led parents meeting at my daughter’s school and I need you to swipe left to watch how special she is. Turns out they have something called “holiday news” and in the one she blatantly says how my mom (her grandma) @imeldak20 took her out, played at the arcade then left her at a crèche so that she could gamble."

Lamiez told TshisaLive that she cannot say that she is ready to be a mom because she already is one, “I could never say I'm ready to be a mom because I am a mom already. I am raising an 8-year-old from my husband's previous relationship. She is my daughter and that for me has been the biggest blessing in my life to date,” she said.

Meanwhile, her husband Khuli says he cannot wait to fill her belly up with baby. In an interview with S Mag Khuli said, “I love that she treats me like him her doll, always dressing me up. I also love how we both enjoy listening to music but more importantly how at ease I am with her. I really can’t wait to give her a baby and extend our family,” Chana said.

Lamiez on the other hand, reminisced about the time they got engaged and how the proposal never happened due to Khuli losing his ring. “He was supposed to propose at the beachfront but he lost my ring. I could see he was very nervous but he kept on insisting that we take a walk to the beach. He had champagne, the works.

"He looked super stressed but I got frustrated because it started raining and I didn’t understand why we were there because he wasn’t saying anything. Little did I know that he was looking for the ring he hid and misplaced," Lamiez narrated.

Lamiez often gets trolled about not giving Khuli kids. "That's not OK you can't have everything you want in life and fail to give Khuli a child, issa no no. Don't you want a child or Khuli doesn't want a child or is it because you guys can't make a child?"

Lamiez clapped back and said, "You're a joke. The point that I just made flew right over your head neh?! Imagine a whole adult like yourself so invested in MY life. Tell me how any of this is your business also? O stlaela wena, jy’s Dom! Houtkop nje. shame man."

"We really tweet amongst baloi Le Di houtkop (witches) and it’s sad because contrary to what many believe, Twitter can be such a beautiful place. Not only because I’ve seen you guys come together, stand together and support each other for a greater course but also because y'all are super funny too," she tweeted.

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