Zodwa And Bae Ink Each Other's Names On Their Bodies

They have taken their relationship to the next level

By  | Jan 22, 2022, 11:08 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Relationships

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Zodwa Wabantu and her bae are slowly cementing their love for one another. Getting matching tattoos is a very big step in a relationship and indicates one's commitment to each other.

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Zodwa and her Ben 10 Ricardo Olefile Mpudi visited a tattoo artist, Nala Quality Tattoos, to ink each other's names on their wrists. Ricardo had the name 'Rebecca' tattooed on his wrist and Zodwa had 'Olefile' on hers.

“Love of my life,” the both of them said when they captioned the short clip they shared of each other showing off their inks.

The two of them have been dating for about 6 months and already, Ricardo has had the honour of meeting her son Vuyo.

Zodwa once spoke about how she loves wholeheartedly when in a relationship and will not hold back just because she is scared to get hurt.

Imagine not falling in love because you are scared that it will end and you are not loving fully. You hold back fear because you are scared, no way. Life is all about living it, making mistakes, starting all over. I am going to love and give my boyfriend allowance," she said.

"As couples please tell me don't you guys assist each other with money? You don't borrow each other cars you don't plan a trip together?" she asked.

Zodwa has revealed a sensitive aspect of her personal life and that is accepting her calling. The iNkosazana Yamanzi, shared images of her during the process of accepting her calling. Not being afraid to hold back though, Zodwa spoke to various media houses about her journey and what it would mean for her Ben10's.

Speaking to IOL, Zodwa said she will not stop dating Ben 10's and will not change her profession which is exotic dancing.

"I told them that I love sex. And I won't stop having sex. Even if they take my Ben 10, they must know that I will find another one. I've even asked them not to take my money. Even if they instruct me to stop dancing naked, I'll obey but if they want me to continue making my fans happy so be it. But I've surrendered to the gift.“

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With regards to her exotic dancing, Zodwa said she now understands why she walks around naked. She told TshisaLive that thy make you lose your mind and for her, it was her nudist nature, “No wonder I’ve been walking around naked. They make you lose your mind in different ways, so they were taking me out of poverty and gave this kind of life so that I have my fill. They know that’s not the end to me, it’s not my purpose that I have to fulfil," she told the publication.

On one occasion, Zodwa took her son Vuyo to work and that left a bitter taste on people's mouths. Simply because he is a teenager and will turn 14 years old this year.

Zodwa did not care about what people thought as she wanted to teach Vuyo about who she is and how she lives her life.

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