"So Every Showmax Wedding Ends In Divorce?"

Somizi, Minnie... the math doesn't lie

By  | Feb 16, 2022, 12:14 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Relationships

Somizi & Mohale/ Minnie & Quinton
The news of Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones's divorce came out of nowhere and shocked all of Mzansi. But now tweeps have found a common thread between this and many other celebrity divorces that have happened recently: Showmax
We can all remember when Minnie and Quinton aired their wedding extravaganza on Showmax in 2017. It was a three part wedding special, during which she walked us through what she called "Becoming Mrs Jones". We all sobbed and swooned… until now. 

Fans are now asking for a divorce version of the show to be done, called Unbecoming Mrs Jones. I mean, weddings are publicized so much, but when the couple splits, all we get is a single statement and nothing more. They think that's unfair, and it leaves a lot of room for speculation on why the marriage ended, which ends up hurting the couple even more. 

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That aside, you know who else aired their wedding on Showmax? Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung. They were the fairytale couple, serving as a beacon of hope for other LGTQ+ couples in Mzansi to see that their love, too, can be celebrated out loud by the whole country. 

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But that also ended in tears. Mohale accused Somizi of physical abuse. Somizi denied these allegations vehemently, saying he had never and would never knowingly hurt Mohale. Somizi later threw a shady jab at Mohale, saying the media personality is "dead to him". It was all hectic, guys! 

Now fans are warning every other couple that aired their wedding on the channel. Dineo Moeketsi and Solo Langa have been asked to watch out, as their own divorce may not be too far off. 

That's a bit mean spirited, don't you think? It almost feels like they are rejoicing in Minnie and Quinton's split, or have turned into nothing more than a cruel joke, even though it is literally their lives unravelling while the country watches. 

The "polls" have left Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha in the lead as the only "real" couple that will last. Tweeps think that those which ended did so because of too much publicity and "bragging". They think that Mampintsha and Babes, and the Langas might last because they keep their married life on the downlow, so they don't welcome a lot of undue external pressure. 

But one warning has been issued to celebrities: do not air your wedding on Showmax. Tweeps have declared it the place where marriage goes to die, and are recommending other channels. 
What do you think? Is Showmax being unfairly blamed? 
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