Baby Number 2 For Mmatema And Hubby!

Congratulations to the couple

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Gospel singer Mmatema Gavu and her husband Tshepo Gavu are going to be parents again! This was shared by the singer herself on her social media pages and shared some maternity snaps as well.

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What's more sentimental about this pregnancy for the Gospel star is the fact that she is pregnant at the same time as her older sister Tirelo Masenda. Taking to her YouTube page, she made this amazing announced and even treated her fans to some QnA. 

During that QnA we got to learn that she and her husband Tshepo are going to stop at baby number 2, as this is their last pregnancy. 

"We are expecting our second bundle of joy," an ecstatic Mmatema said whilst seated next to her husband. The couple revealed that they want to grow their family but feel that 2 kids is enough, "We are at that stage in our marriage that we want kids but I think after this one - we’re done."

The gender has not been revealed as yet as they too are still waiting. They already have a baby boy, a 2-year-old named Ethan, who according to Mmatema is already very over protective so if it is a girl he is going to be the ideal big brother. Tshepo is crossing his fingers for a baby girl but Mmatema is gearing up to being a soccer mom.

"With our first child, he wanted a girl and I wanted a boy. God gave us a boy. This time around, he Tshepo wants a girl again. I wouldn’t mind being a soccer mom, I think I’ve been around girls too much and he’s been around boys too much. We already have a name for a girl. I think Ethan would love a baby sister. He’s already over-protective."

Watch their announcement video here.

On her Instagram, she shared that she and her sibling are expecting at the very same time. "Having a sister is like having a best friend you can never get rid of, some even get pregnant with you at the same time [she laughs], I am so happy that my baby already has a best friend for life. It is such a blessing to be sharing this journey with you Sesi, congratulations on your bundle of joy," she shared.

Her first born son turned 2 beginning of this month and Mmatema gushed over their beautiful son.

In other baby news, Zandie Gumede-Khumalo welcomed her first child with husband Mhlo Gumede. The star had announced that she would be taking a break from performing when she was in her last month of pregnancy just to focus on the amazing journey to parenthood.

A few days ago, she and her hubby decided to treat themselves to some 'alone time' before they welcome their baby into the world. If her words are anything to go by, he has been there for her in abundance during her term of pregnancy.

"Thank u so much Myeni wami you have been wonderful in the last nine months, I love u forever," she said before adding that they treated themselves to a game of rugby.

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