Cassper Declines A Reminder To Appear On Podcast And Chill

"I didn't lose. Andizi"

By  | Apr 19, 2022, 09:42 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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It has been a little over a week since Rapper and businessman Refiloe Phoolo, popularly known as Cassper Nyovest lost his celebrity boxing match against fellow musician Anga Makubalo known as Naak Musiq at Sun City on the 9th of April. This came after months of PR and marketing for this event was made by the rapper both digitally, through his social media pages, and through traditional media interviews.
Before losing this boxing match, Social media users had pressured Cassper to make a pledge if he had lost and he obliged indeed. The “Summer Love” hitmaker took to Twitter a few days before the match and vowed to appear on the popular Youtube series and podcast by Mac G and Sol Phenduka, Podcast and Chill if he lost the match against Naak Musiq.

He wrote in the tweet, “If I lose the fight with NAAK, I will go on Mac G’s podcast. [But] If I beat Naak doe [though] I’ll never go on that show.”

Since he lost this match, some fans and followers online have continued to urge him to live up to his promise to go on Podcast and Chill and sit for an interview with the crew but podcast hosts Mac G and Sol Phenduka have weighed in on the issue sharing their doubts about Cassper making an appearance on their show mainly because of their rocky relationship with the rapper.

MacG said in his podcast, “I don’t think he [Cassper Nyovest] is going to come through. Cassper never does anything that does not benefit him, so he will never come.”

That assumption was indeed true. Cassper has since taken to Twitter to decline a reminder from one fan asking him to go to the show. In the tweet reply, Cassper said, “I didn’t lose. Andizi”
Replying to his tweet, fans seemed displeased by Mufasa’s lack of sportsmanship and in not wanting to fulfill his promises to fans who are expecting him on the controversial podcast. Many tweeps counterargued his claims that he didn’t lose.

One user shared, “Nah G. That’s not how it works. According to judges at your own event, you were edged out by a majority decision. Take the L and do better on a rematch. Until then be a man of your word”

Another one highlighted Cassper’s unfairness and wrote, “You are being unfair. You didn’t win so you lost, hold your end like a man”

One tweep said, “That’s not good sportsmanship Cass. You lost, instead of being in denial, take the loss as a learning curve. Go back to the drawing board and try to improve”

While another one shared, “By sticking to your word, you join an elite club of men that walks the walk we all talk. You’ll also (and this shouldn’t come as a surprise) reap the social rewards that come with being trustworthy and reliable.”

With all those claims that Cassper lost, and demands to appear on the podcast, the rapper seems unfazed and continues living his best marketing pro life. He has since promised a rematch with Naak Musiq, while many followers and industry friends have gone on to commend him on his business savviness and marketing skills.
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