Meet Pearl Modiadie's New Alleged Famous Bae

They were reportedly spotted getting cosy with one another

By  | Apr 24, 2022, 10:39 AM  | Pearl Modiadie  | Relationships

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There might be yet another new couple in ZAlebville! If Pearl Modiadie and her new rumoured bae were trying to hide their 'relationship', then they did a very bad job because all eyes were reportedly on them when they dinned at a restaurant in Morningside.

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According to City Press, Pearl Modiadie and Andile Ncube were out and about at a restaurant, and were cosy, even sharing a kiss in full view of other people.

The publication got a hold of two workers from the restaurant who claimed the pair could not keep their hands away from each other. After leaving the restaurant, they allegedly kissed at the restaurant.

“They came here last month. They sat at the table next to the tree and were holding hands and touching one another like a couple,” said one worker. Another one reportedly said, “They even left together and kissed in the parking lot in front of a lot of people. They looked very cosy and touchy.”

Another 'source', which is close to the alleged couple, said their fling is still new and cannot tell if it is serious or not. “Their thing is not old. We are not sure if it’s serious yet, but Andile is a flirt and Pearl is single. So, we don’t know how far this will go.”

However, Pearl Modiadie denied this and although did admit she and Andile did indeed go to the restaurant, she said they are not dating.

“We are friends. We are not dating. We are good friends. Call Andile and ask him. We are just good friends. I have not seen him in quite a long time,” she told the publication.

“We did go to Tashas. I mean, friends do go for breakfast every now and then, don’t they? We are not together,” she then added.

But Andile and Zari The Boss Lady are still gushing over one another on social media.

Mama kaLewatle last opened up about a relationship she was in when she broke up with her baby daddy, Nathaniel Oppenheimer. Although they are no longer a thing, Pearl admitted that their co-parenting relationship is the best.

Everyday might not be a win for them, but according to her, they get it right most of the time. She then thanked Nathaniel for being the best dad to Lewatle.

In one of her previous posts, she gushed over him, "I reckon we’ve got this co-parenting thing on lockdown, on most days. Thank you for being amazing baby daddy. Lewatle has such a great dad.”

She admitted that they did not work out and it was best to part ways, "Alone is so much better than being unhappy...I wasn’t able to achieve my dream of having the family I’ve always longed for. But out of it came my beautiful son and for that, I’m eternally grateful," Pearl added. But they might have not worked out, however for Olivier, they have to make their friendship work, "The best choice I’ve made! He’s such an incredible dad."

Another rumoured couple is DJ Sithelo Shozi and amapiano star Mr JazziQ. If they are not shouting each other out on social media, then Sithelo's dog follows JazziQ on Instagram - only him and her!

She once spoke about relationships and whether or not she is ready for one on an IG QnA. "I think it's about finding the right man. You can't give all men the same stencil. People are different, upbringings, thoughts, visions, etc. these are all these things that make us different, it's something that I am trying to unlearn too.

Trying to open myself up to the possibility and the idea of a good man because they do exist, very few but they do exist. So no, I don't think that all men cheat," she said.

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