Andile Ncube Declared Africa's New Boyfriend

He was so charming

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Andile Ncube
Andile Ncube has just gone international, and in the best way possible. As viewers have been raving and reviewing the first season of Young, Famous and African, it is clear that he has stood out, especially to the ladies, who have crowned him Africa’s boyfriend. 
The TV personality was rather calm at the beginning of the season, and he looked like he would turn out to be one of the least impactful cast members. But made a sharp turn when he became interested in Zari Hassan and started to pursue her actively, which is when all his charm finally came out for everyone to see. 

From how patient and attentive he was, to how he kept his laser focus on her throughout, there are many reasons why the ladies are swooning over him. It’s the way he talked about her when he was describing why he would like to pursue her. 

He said that whenever she was present, he just felt drawn to her, to spend more time with her. When the rest of the cast turned against Zari, especially after the drama in which she was uninvited to Annie Idibia’s wedding, Andile said that he did not mind being on her side still, even though everyone else was against. 
Then there was the time he was at the wedding, and he just looked like he was not having as much fun as he could have had, and he confessed that it was because Zari was not present. He missed her and felt bad that she wasn’t there, and made sure to drop in on her afterwards. I mean, wow! 

Social media is intrigued and taken by him. He has been trending ever since the season dropped on Netflix, as the ladies could feel his charm even through the screen. 
But Dr Musa Mthombeni is not buying all the hype. He has declared Andile the villain of the show, saying that he started out all sweet and attentive, but turned around to pursue his friend’s baby mama. 
There was also that final scene with Diamond that was equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, when Diamond thought he was there to see him, when in reality, Andile had come to see and hit on Zari. Did someone say awkward!? 
But it makes sense that the continent is now in love with Andile. I mean, he is charming and stylish, and his smile definitely does not hurt. But let’s see whether it will last, and how it will play out with Diamond and Zari. 
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