Fans Drag JazziQ For Being 'Smug' And 'Arrogant'

Was Rea Gopane right about him?

By  | Feb 21, 2022, 08:47 AM  | Mr. JazziQ  | Drama

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It's not a good start to the week for Amapiano stars and Mr. JazziQ is one of them. One is being accused of being a paedophile and one is being dragged for his smug and arrogant behaviour.

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This is not the first time Mr. JazziQ has been accused of being arrogant to the point where he thinks he is better than other people. He was the guest DJ at Big Brother's House this Saturday when a housemate, Terry, hyped him up to the point where she gets emotional.

JazziQ during his entire set did not even pay her any attention and he continued on with his set like she did not exist. To be fair, apparently one of the rules at Big Brother is that the DJs are to not interact with the housemates, but some viewers felt as though he did what he did on purpose.

Especially after he posted an old tweet from him where he encourages people to ignore others till they cry. He captioned his post, " I said it before Iโ€™m saying it again! Danko."

Many tweeps thought it was directed at Terry but he clarified that he did not mention her at all.

But the insults just kept on coming. Here are some of the nasty comments.

After his fire set on BBM, JazziQ trended for the right and for the wrong reasons. He said he finds it sad that people always think the worst of him.

Which takes us back to what Rea Gopane said about JazziQ, despite accusing him of some of the worst crimes. Rea accused JazziQ of sacrificing his best friends Mpura and Killer Kau to advance his career.

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After being slapped with legal letters, Rea Gopane refused to take down his videos and also refused to apologise to him because he said he is not a nice human being and fees the Amapiano star is too cocky and acts all high and mighty.

On the podcast, Rea says JazziQ disrespected them when he had the opportunity to respect them. "I don't care how much of a superstar you are, it's about respect. We came to him as a media company and as fans," said Rea Gopane.

"I'm not gonna apologise to JazziQ, he's an as**ole. I am a huge fan of him but I just do not like his personality."

In response to the allegations, JazziQ said the podcast "maliciously defames Tumelo Manyoni (his real name)."

They continue by saying, "While we do not know where the heinous allegations levelled against Mr. Manyoni emenate from, we do know the following: The allegations are void of any truth and are harmful...The allegations have had a severe impact on Mr. Manyoni both emotionally and psychologically."

After they refused to withdraw their statements, the law firm said "The matter will not be pursued civilly and criminally."

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