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Not all is lost after Andile

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Sithelo is one Zaleb who hardly ever opens up about her personal life.

Today she loosened up a bit and let her fans into her personal space. She opened the floor to her followers to ask her anything as long as it was light.

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"Do you think all men cheat?" A fan asked.

Sithelo believes it's about finding the right man.

I think it's about finding the right man. You can't give all men the same stencil. People are different, upbringings, thoughts, visions, etc, these are all these things that make us different, it's something that I am trying to unlearn too.

Trying to open myself up to the possibility and the idea of a good man because they do exist, very few but they do exist. So no, I don't think that all men cheat.

"Have you always wanted that breed of dog or did you just fall in love with Beau?"

Answering the question about breeding dogs, Sithelo always wanted to be a dog mom.

I've actually always wanted to be a dog mom. Fell in love with bostons a few years ago and I knew it'd be my first breed. I wanted so long to own first pup. Doesn't help that Beau is just the absolute cutest too, stole my heart.

Sithelo's Thoughts on Marriage

I've never been one of those that aspire or feel like marriage is the ultimate goal. I just want a life partner, someone to love and make memories with, maneuver through life teaching each other lessons, finding each always, no constitutions or written agreement can amount to the joy that brings, but sometimes you meet someone that makes you look at things in a completely different perspective and now I know to not rule that out.

One of her followers found that her partner of 7 years cheated and wanted to find out from Sithelo how she can deal with the betrayal.

Personally, I'd say that follow your heart, do what it tells you. you're never going to leave whilst your heart is in it. Forgive if needs be or leave for the sake of your sanity.

One thing I've learnt is to never fall in love with the potential that someone can evolve into or the potential that you've created in your own head. Men that portray such tend to repeat their actions, or vicious cycle.

Sithelo also revealed that she plans on having another baby, cheated

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