Reason says "I Love You" In Latest Single

Reason drops his new single "Ngiyak'thanda"

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Reason is spreading nothing but  love in his latest single "Ngiyak'thanda" and oh man, we're loving it!

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In a recent Q&A with M3NA MEDIA, Reason shared the inspiration behind the lyrics of "Ngiyak'thanda". He said:

Love inspired it. The people I love, the things I love, and all things/people that love me back. I also dabble into things I like or hate too because sometimes we can never tell the difference. The point was to find common ground with people like me that are happy to express their love of similar ideas/things. In essence, we all (kinda) love money, good times, looking good, life and ourselves. This one is for those who can relate.  

 The Top 7 hitmaker had been performing this latest single for some months now and he shared his reasons (punny right?) for deciding to eventually make it an official release.  This is what he says:

I’ve taken almost 9 months to re-calibrate and improve my work. The songs I make, the videos I need, the work behind it and the importance of creating something impactful in this climate. Taking time to assess whether the song works or not was important for me because it was an effort I often took for granted because “I’m dope.” My work has always sold itself. Now, I realize the need to sell myself and my work. This song has been tried and tested in different spaces with different people. Therefore it is time to put the work in and out properly.

Reason  further explained that the sound of his upcoming EP would differ from that of his 2018 album Azania. He describes the upcoming EP's sound as "much younger" with the content being "much older".

"Azania was about bringing light to what was around me at that time. This EP is about bringing light to what is inside me", he says.


Well, you go on and let that light shine sir! We can't wait to hear more.

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