Somizi And Bae Take Relationship To The Next Level

Matching Bentley's already

By  | Jan 25, 2022, 08:35 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Relationships

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Has Somizi Mhlongo and his new rumoured bae Lindile Mbadu, taken their relationship to the next level? Matching with your partner can be seen as solidifying your love. With Somizi and Lindile, matching Bentleys is how they have possibly taken their love to the next level.

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Celebrities never cease to amaze us. In a world where content creation is how people make their bread, we cannot help but wonder if people use their own relationships as content. Think about it, matching tattoos, matching outfits and even matching cars. But if you're wealthy and your pockets run very deeps, if you can afford it, why not?

Somizi and Lindile Mbadu have been rumoured to be a thing for some time now as they were even filmed at groove. The rumours started when they went on vacation together and were spotted locking lips at Ayepyep Lifestyle in Cape Town.

Not looking to address any of these rumours, Somizi continues to drop hints of a brewing romance between the two.

In a short clip, Somizi let fans know that he and his bae are going strong as they have even bought matching cars. In the video which he captioned 'his and his,' you can see two similar Bentley's parked right next to each other.

Som Som also seems to be very happy currently and wonders if it is even showing. He asked his fans if they could tell that he is over the moon when he posted a picture of him staring at his phone with a huge smile plastered all over is face.

Somizi's love life took an interesting turn following split from husband Mohale Motaung. He flirted with an agency owner Ali Boy who then later accused him of asking for sexual advances.

The Ab Sound and Ab Sound Modelling owner took to Instagram to try and expose Somizi but Somgaga came back guns blazing.

Somizi said, “There’s something I need to address that is really troubling me. I hate it. Why… why do people always take advantage of other people by blackmailing them or manipulating them and stuff like that."

The Idols SA judge accused Ali of trying to sabotage him by not using the proper channels to book him for this judging event, so his management team grew suspicious.

“I confronted him. I said ‘Ali, you can’t do this without my permission da, da.’ And he said to me ‘I’ll pay you, we’ll sort it out,’ and I said ‘you can’t, my management is sh****g on me’.”

Somizi said they were both attracted to each other so he is baffled when Ali claims to not be gay. The media personality thinks Ali started flirting with him, just so he can use this situation to manipulate him afterwards

"Then he goes on TikTok and says that I am angry because I wanted him to have sex with me and I was like, ‘okay, even if I wanted to, what does that have to do with the professional side of things?'"

“Now, he is blackmailing me saying that he is going to expose me and that the reason why I posted that is because I am angry. Now he’s claiming that he is not gay, blah, blah, blah.”

To try and rid of himself from any foul play, Somizi told Sunday World, that he has known Ali boy for a few months and the flirting was mutual.

“I’ve known this guy for some time and this started happening about 6 months ago and I let it slide but as soon as I was tagged by someone on Twitter asking me about the gig I then approached Ali Boy.

“I asked him not to use my photo on his poster because my management knows nothing about the gig and I had been getting a lot of questions about the gig. When I posted the video on my social media to say I know nothing about it, he then retaliated with that video on social media,” Somizi told the publication.

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