Sophie Ndaba's New Alleged Lover

The actress has reportedly moved on

By  | Jan 17, 2022, 10:25 AM  | Sophie Ndaba   | Relationships

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Actress and entrepreneur Sophie Ndaba has reportedly moved on from her alleged abusive marriage to Max Lichaba, and has allegedly found love at the hands of a Nigerian pastor.

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A light at the end of the tunnel for actress Sophie Ndaba whose relationship status went viral on social media, after a report from Sunday World, alleged that she has found love again. The publication alleges that she and her Nigerian pastor have been together for almost a year now and are smitten, to the point where they cannot keep to themselves.

Several sources, which claim to be her friends, took to the media to speak about her relationship and said they are more spiritually inclined. One of them even alleged that his name is Allen and they fell in love at first sight. 

The world would have never known about Sophie's alleged abusive marriage with Max Lichaba, if it was not for her son Lwandle Ndaba who spilled the beans in a rap song.

He called his step father Max, all sorts of names and dragged his name to the mud. He accused him of being a cheater, a scammer and an abuser.

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We first saw that something was brewing when Sophie dumped her last name Lichaba, just a few weeks before Lwandle made the diss track, 'My Step Dad A Devil'. She reverted back to her previous maiden name, Ndaba, as she was married to The Queen actor, Themba Ndaba.

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Ocean L, Lwandle's rap name, did not care that he was getting sued R500 000 from his ex stepdad, as he even took to the media to vent. He released a press release and  Sunday World quoted him as follows;

"...In their constant fights that we overheard (time and time again). Financial abuse: I witnessed the financial investment from day one into all of his businesses by my mother (KwaLichaba Soweto Chesa Nyama, LCR).

"Health issues: My mother spoke of diabetes in the media in order to hide the truth behind her weight loss- the weight loss was caused by stress."

"Constantly told her she was ugly after initially complimenting her on her beauty. He told her that she was ugly and nobody would want her. He told her he loved her voluptuous body and then body shamed her. There was a day she kicked him out of the house and removed his clothing and threw the clothes outside. She had found out about another Facebook affair he was pursuing and the fight was even audible to our immediate neighbours because it happened in and outside the house and he actually stressfully bumped one of his cars while reversing.

"We’re the kids in the house heard and saw everything because their voices were loud enough for even the neighbours to hear," he continued.

Lwandle then accused him of physical abuse, "I lived and shared a home with Max Lichaba and my mother Sophie Ndaba -I witnessed an instance where my mother took shelter by locking herself into a guest bedroom for fear for her life. -Max proceeded to break open the door before my eyes… all of those present in the house watched this happen, including our helper/ domestic worker.

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