Another ZAleb Baby Is On The Way!

Congrats TshePi and JR

By  | Nov 20, 2021, 05:12 PM  | Tshepi Vundla  | Relationships

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Tshepi Vundla and her boyfriend JR are expecting their second baby together. The couple who already have a son named Siba, are expanding their family with the addition of their bundle of joy.

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Taking to social media Tshepi announced that she is pregnant and also shared images from their maternity photo shoot.

The influencer re-assured her children that even though their parents are not married as yet, they are wanted and loved, "No matter what, I want my children to know they were wished for, longed for, prayed for, and that they are forever loved." She relayed a sweet message to her bundle of joy, "We cannot wait to meet you."

Tshepi and JR have been together for years and have also shared the same roof together. This lead to people thinking they have already tied the knot however they have not.

JR revealed this to Mac G on his podcast and even recounted the day they made their son Siba.

"I need to clarify she is not my wife yet. I think it's very easy for guys to start dating someone for a couple of years and then start calling them their wife," he said.

In true Mac G style, he called it blankly what is is and said "so it's vat 'n sit," to which JR reluctantly said "yeah, it's vat 'n sit, it's a loving relationship. You know what I mean, it's a family."

Mac G then asked how did they meet, to which he said they started off on a light note. Saw each other briefly but had to separate for a while after losing contact with each other.

"Then gradually over the years we were back in each other's circles with common friends and people. Then we said let's see each other for a little bit, let's see where it goes to," he explained.

He said Siba was conceived on December 31st and after they had welcomed the new year. He clarified that their son was not a mistake and even though they did not plan it, it just felt like the right time to be parents.

Tshepi was not impressed with the reception to JR saying they are in a vat 'n sit, so she called out this "weird obsession."

"The weird obsession with me being married or not is rather annoying. Get off my dick!" she lashed out

She recently faced backlash for her comments about broke girls. Tshepi Vundla was a guest a YouTube podcast, under Mac G's podcast, On The Table which is hosted by Tshepi Mabs, DJ Black Velvet, a woman who names herself church girl and the Ghost Lady.

"Where are your parents, can't you buy these things for yourself, but you expect men to do these things for you."

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