Vusi Nova On Being Single

He seems convinced that he is meant to be single forever.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Vusi Nova  | Relationships

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Vusi Nova has always been candid when it comes to his relationship status and at often times he has claimed to be single.

He would laugh off rumours of being romantically involved with many celebrities including Kelly Khumalo. There was also a time where many women's hearts were almost shattered when gay rumours swirled all over the media.

Vusi had spoken out about those rumours, stating that at first they never bothered him, however things got out of hand when it was speculated that he married his illusive boyfriend.

After numerous failed relationships, the musician has always believed in love. If it is written in the stars, he would find the love fit for him. Speaking to Metro FM he said; "Even though I’ve gone through so much in terms of my romantic relationships, I still believe in love. I’ve dusted myself off and I’m moving forward, there’s no time to move back, there’s no time to look back ndiyaphambili. I still believe in love.”

Now, the Asphelelanga hit-maker seems to have thrown in the towel. The star believes the love of his life is music!

Speaking to TshisaLive Vusi has confirmed that he is a loner because he cannot figure out why his relationships don't work out.

"It's not that I don't date or whatever. It's just that for some reason it just never works out," he told the publication.

He reckons that the problem might be the person he is dating or maybe he might be the problem. Nonetheless nothing seems to work out. " I think it's maybe because I focus too much on my music and once someone tries to come between me and my music, that's a big no-no. Music is the love of my life. There's nothing I do better."

However, all is not lost, he was one of the groomsmen at Somhale white wedding and he spoke about how witnessing that strong declaration of love made him believe that he will eventually find love.

Vusi Nova is on the line-up for the Evening Of Love event this Valentines' Day, he is hopeful that he might find someone. Fingers crossed!

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