Applications For Zodwa's New Ben 10 Now Open?

Do you have what it takes?

By  | Dec 21, 2021, 10:05 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Relationships

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It was not that long ago when Zodwa took to her Instagram to give her fans and all of Mzansi a sneak peak at her newly found love. Ricardo and Zodwa have since been making headlines with their relationship but now it seems, fans also want a chance at Zodwa’s heart.

Not too long ago, the exotic dancer took to her Instagram to post a recent photo of her and Ricardo that had fans going wild at how great the two of them look together.

And while this is not a new thing to Mzansi, what has stood out the most, was when one of the fans went on to say that they were waiting for Zodwa’s Ben 10 applications to open in 2022.

As if that is not enough, it seems this is not a sentiment that is shared by one person. No, infact, many have gone to agree that it’s time Ricardo stepped down as Zodwa’s bae and let others claim Zodwa’s love as well.

In a previous post of Zodwa and Ricardo at the airport, it seems the sentiments are the same on who is fit to have Zodwa’s heart. The question on the minds of many is, “How does Zodwa meet these boys?” 

And while it is not clear whether fans are asking so that they can shoot their shot, the two lovebirds continue to melt hearts and we are here for it.

If you can remember, it was not that long ago when tweeps decided to bring Ricardo into the spotlight. According to them, Ricardo was simply with Zodwa for the money, fun and nothing else.

Neither Ricardo nor Zodwa responded to any of these allegations, and I mean how could they, when they have been busy serving our timelines with heat?

Not too long ago, Zodwa introduced Ricardo to her son and we have to agree that it melted the hearts of Mzansi to see Zodwa’s boys spend time together. So would she really introduce Ricardo to her son if she was not serious about him? Well only time will tell..

That aside though, if Zodwa will really be accepting applications in 2022, we hope the new Ben 10 will be ready to always see Zodwa’s goodies break the internet like they did not too long ago. So, do you think you have what it takes to win Zodwa’s heart?

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