Meet Zodwa Wabantu's Secret Admirer

And Ricardo's newest "competition"

By  | Nov 22, 2021, 03:18 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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Zodwa Wabantu has made headlines time and time again with her controversial yet very saucy videos at concerts and even from her day to day life. And while she has a legion of loyal fans, there can never miss that one mega fan who is head over heels for the socialite.

In a recent post by Zodwa, the socialite is seen in the arms of her Ben 10, Ricardo, with the two of them kissing that of course has made fans go wild. Zodwa writes to Ricardo saying that she loves her. See post below

Many are commenting how they are loving the couple and how they look great together. What caught fans attention however, was when @monteozafrica, commented saying how heartbroken he was at seeing the photo. Fans are already commenting hilariously to his comment and it seems this is not new to them as he is a frequenter on Zodwa’s comment section.

This is not the first time @monteozafrica is commenting on Zodwa’s photos. Just recently, in a similar Instagram post of Zodwa and Ricardo, the secret admirer jumped in to ask fans how he could photoshoot himself next to Zodwa as he should be the one standing next to the exotic dancer. Ricardo might be in for some competition with this guy.


It does not end there. It seems our secret admirer is seriously considering swiping Ricardo from Zodwa. Just the other day when the two lovebirds were on vacay and busy serving us major couple goals, @monteozafrica was busy as well gushing on Zodwa. In his comment, he mentions how he should be the one standing next to Zodwa because Ricardo looks like he is afraid of snakes. Here’s the photo

Now while Zodwa never seems to comment or reply to any of his sweet comments, it seems he has her attention as they both follow each other on Instagram. Surely with all the hate that has been going around on Zodwa, it is nice to see such loyal fans who are always going to constantly gas her up and offer her their unconditional support.

Ricardo should stay on guard though, because our guy here is clearly on to his woman. According to @moteozafrica, he’s already made up his mind on dating Zodwa Wabantu. Fans have been telling him to continue dreaming because Zodwa only belongs to Ricardo. Still, it seems from his comment, many other mega fans have also had the courage to confess their undying love for Zodwa.

It really must be nice to be Zodwa. And with all the attention she is receiving off late it seems, while many would want to question why she is famous in the first place, Zodwa will remain to be a favourite to many. Sis is all about making the big bucks and enjoying herself while she's at it.


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