Zodwa Wabantu Using Muthi On Her Haters?

You will not believe who is on her list!!

By  | Dec 17, 2021, 09:37 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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By now, we already know that where Zodwa is, controversy follows. And this time, she has definitely not disappointed.

Not too long ago, Zodwa sparked the interest of many when she posted a video holding chickens in her hand, with many speculating that she was just about to pay a visit to her ancestors to straighten some things out.

Well, looks like tweeps were right after all. In a recent Instagram post, the exotic dancer has gone ahead to share a video of what looks like her praying to something or someone. What has caught our attention however is the caption that accompanied the post.

From her caption, there is no denying that the message is quite clear. If you have ever had anything against Zodwa, then don’t be surprised when things don’t go your way because it seems her ancestors will be working overtime to make sure her haters get exactly what they deserve. Should we be scared?

That’s not all however. Just in case you’re wondering, who exactly is Zodwa using muthi on? Well, one of her fans took to her comment section to ask if musician and artist Zahara is on her list and Zodwa was not late to respond asking, “Is anything of hers going right?” 
Well, well, well! 

If you can recall, was it not just the other day that tweeps took to criticizing Zahara’s upcoming song saying that she sounded off and nothing like the Zahara they have all come to know and love? Now, is it coincidental that Zodwa is saying this about her? Surely Zodwa was not serious was she? 

But even as others remain convinced that Zodwa has decided to take a very controversial strategy towards her haters, other fans remain convinced that Zodwa is just scaring us and that she could just be performing a thanksgiving ceremony. 

Some are pretty convinced that Zodwa is now becoming too much for their liking and that she should not have had to share the ritual or ceremony for everyone to see. Well, say what you want because her loyal fans are still very much in love with Zodwa and are happy to see that she remains in touch with her roots and culture. 

This situation has just reminded us of that time when Zodwa was addressing her haters, mostly women who have been saying bad and hurtful things about her and now all we are left to wonder is, is this how Zodwa will be dealing with her haters from now on? Hectic!

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