Zodwa Takes Her Son Vuyo To 'Work'

Fans are divided by her taking him to a club

By  | Dec 24, 2021, 01:00 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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Zodwa Wabantu prioritises her son Vuyo more than anything and we have seen how much she loves and adores him. For parents who are like this, they always make it a point that their children know the real them and how they make their monies to out food on the table. Zodwa did just that and although she left social media divided, her intentions were pure.

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The people's person Zodwa Wabantu took her son to work so he can see how his school fees and boarding fees are paid. Zodwa is very comfortable with showing her 13-year-old son Vuyo the real her and it is a beautiful sight to see.

Zodwa makes her money by MCing and performing at clubs in the nude. She flaunts her private area most of the time and just creates a great vibe for partygoers. They just love her and those who always complain, get a tongue lashing from Zodwa.

She left people divided when she took her son to clubs to see her work for her money. Here's how they reacted:

i_amthankfulgrateful: "Who are we to judge Ms. Z? Wishing you all the best and take care of your body and mental health. As you do your God given talent please do not be taken for granted that place is precious and sensitive. Keep going so strong and May you be protected all the way."

ms_lesego_m: "It might [not] be appropriate to take our kids to clubs at young age...but Zodwa I salute you as a mom, and for your son not judging you. Tomorrow he'll be a man who'll Always remember what his mom did to give him a better future."

realsipho: or the fact that u mentioned words like "...for your Son not judging you" it means there's something wrong with this whole thing Zodwa is doing.... but we'll Money is Money."

limitless_lulu: "Please do not deprive him of his childhood in the name of empowerment...protect and preserve his innocence."

elizabeth.4464: "Big up mom priorities your child's education it's the best gift u can offer. What the money that you have worked hard for."

rocksilversa: "Why not cause he will eventually find out about your life so its better if he sees it for himself so that he does not feel saddened when someone tries to make fun of him. I’m sure he was very happy."

mabongzankosi: "This boy has it very hard, when he return back to school he will be a laughing stock after those that didn't know you are his mom see the post. They say a woman who has not given birth is very happy when things are like this. He must be ashamed of you but left with no choice, you are his mom anyway."

Zodwa tries to keep him out of the spotlight but recently she introduced her boyfriend Ricardo to Vuyo. Their little bonding session was very cute to see.

The last time she spoke about her son to the media was when he failed grade 8 in 2019. Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Zodwa said she was disappointed, but she wasn't ashamed to share that her son had failed.

"I expected him to do well, just like any parent and he failed, I was disappointed. I thought perhaps it had something to do with my busy working mom's life but I realised that there were other things too," she said.

"I know parents that make their kids feel like sh*t and pretend in front of other people like they're understating parents. But behind closed doors, they insult their kids. "

“My son, he's a lovely kid and I know that he will do better. So all I told him was that he needed to go back this year, focus and do his level best. That is all I ever want from him, to be the best that he can be," she said.
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