Zodwa Wabantu Celebrates Two Years With Ben 10

Maybe Zodwa has finally found the one.

By  | Dec 29, 2022, 03:01 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Relationships

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Zodwa Wabantu has made it public notice that she has a thing for young men. Her first public Ben 10 was Ntobeko Linda, who was at the time an aspiring photographer. The two seemed to have had a stable relationship as Zodwa would go on to propose to Linda.

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However, their engagement seemed to mark the end of their relationship as Zodwa would not only confirm to have called off the engagement. But the controversial media personality would also want the moneys she was planning to pay for lobola back. 
While her relationship with Linda might have ended amicably as Linda did not drag Zodwa publicly following their breakup, her second Ben 10 would show her flames. Vusi “Bokison” Ngubane is not a name that Zodwa Wabantu will soon forget.
This comes after months of making the relationship official and Ngubane proposing to Zodwa. It all went downhill thereafter. From their breakup, to allegations that Ngubane was responsible for the burglary at Zodwa’s former Durban home, to Zodwa confronting Vusi’s family via social media following their breakup after she alleged that Vusi stole from her. 
It was a mess, but one thing about Zodwa, she has decided that her Ben 10s are the hill she is going to die on and it seems she has found the perfect hill with her current Ben 10. 
Zodwa Wabantu celebrates two years with Ben 10
The last time Zodwa Wabantu and her current Ben 10 made headlines was when they refuted reports of allegedly having broken up after. As previously reported

"Forever My Babe" Zodwa Wabantu And Ricardo Back Together

After rumours of a split, controversial couple Zodwa Wabantu and Ricardo Olefile Mpudi are still going strong.
Zodwa Wabantu has mastered the art of setting tongues wagging on social media with her dating life and she enjoys it when people speculate. She posted a lovey-dovey video of herself and Ricardo on her Instagram stories this morning.
The couple is seen smitten over each other while planting a kiss on her cheek. Zodwa captioned the video "Forever my babe" with a heart emoji.
Since confirming that they are still very much in love, it seems that the couple has opted to share just a little less of their relationship with the public. However, Zodwa and Ricardo did not mind sharing their latest milestone. Specifically, that the two have officially marked the two-year milestone in their relationship.
Moreover, it seems that they are happier than ever if Zodwa’s latest post is anything to go by. This is as the body positive media personality who is not afraid to showcase her body for all, proved why she is revered. This is as her latest post is that of her and Ricardo within cuddles, with her Ben 10 fondling her breasts. 
Zodwa seems to have found the one with Ricardo. So much so that Zodwa has stopped sharing content with her son. A fact which is not surprising considering that the last time that she did so, Wabantu reported that her son had failed a grade due to the exposure and reactions he was receiving as he was known as thee Zodwa Wabantu’s son.

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