#RHOJ: The most savage responses to Mercy's perky breasts

No wonder AKA is obsessed with this show

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 


Not only is the Real House Wives of Johannesburg hilarious, but it also has some rather awkward moments that tend to leave viewers quite perplexed...

....like how Christall's horrible dance moves had everyone in stitches last night but we so appreciate how she's just out here living her best life and not caring what the rest of us think.

Go Christall!


But besidesĀ Christall'sĀ attempt at dancing, we also still can't get over all of the comments about Mercy's breasts.

Now we're not sure if Mercy has had her breasts done before but there's just something about her breasts that have had a lot of viewers quite confused and let's just say some of the viewers did not hold back on their comments about Mercy's perky delicates.

Mercy's breast

Wow, distance learning?Ā 


Well, while her breasts get dragged on social media, Mercy is busy shopping up a storm in Paris

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