The River: Malefu and Tumi’s ugly showdown

If this week’s episodes are anything to go by, Malefu’s children are close to giving her a heart attack

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Will she ever catch a break, though? And what about Lindiwe and her heartlessness? Is there anything she’s not willing to do for money? If you’re not sure what we’re on about, here’s a recap of what happened on The River this week.

The Dikanas take Tumi in

We must admit, we didn’t think Tumi was serious when she left her home to go and live somewhere else. We thought it was just a once-off thing and that she’d go back home once the anger subsided. But no, she has stuck to her decision and is now living with the Dikana family.

Lindiwe and her husband Zweli have been kind enough to let her stay with them for a while. Although they were reluctant at first, they seem to have warmed up to the idea of having Tumi in their house.

Well, who wouldn’t love Tumi? She’s certainly made herself comfortable, even going as far as cooking dinner for the Dikana's. She’s basically part of the family now. But something tells us that Lindiwe is up to something really bad. In case you’ve forgotten, Tumi is the same person who accused Lindiwe of murdering her late father (it’s the truth, but the world doesn’t know about it just yet). It will be interesting to see what Mrs Dikana has up her sleeve.

Malefu is in a bad space


Being a parent is a difficult job. This week, Malefu has found herself in a bad place as all her children are giving her a tough time. First it was Tumi who decided to pack her bags and hit the road. Even after the single mother humbled herself and went to the Dikana household to ask her daughter to come back home, Tumi still refused. Instead, she shouted at her mother in front of the Dikana family and told her straight to her face that she’s not leaving with her. Poor Malefu had to leave with a broken heart and without her daughter.

On the other hand, she is stuck with Cobra, an ex-criminal who’s trying to turn his life around. However, nothing seems to be going right for him and he’s becoming a burden to his mother. Desperate and out of options, Malefu turned to prayer and asked for divine intervention. Will her prayers be answered this time around? Or will her eldest child continue being a problem for her?

Lindiwe wants to destroy people’s homes


There’s nothing Lindiwe will not do for money. Can we all agree that she doesn’t have a heart? She only cares about her family. The mining queen gave ‘heartless’ a whole new meaning after finding out that she could get more diamonds. The problem is that these diamonds can be found in Refilwe and it means that people’s houses will have to be destroyed. Do you think Lindiwe cares about the lives that are going to be destroyed by this? We hope she’ll change her mind about going ahead with this plan.

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