Sho Madjozi Celebrates Her Late Sister

The musician is determined to pick herself up

By  | Apr 13, 2022, 04:15 PM  | Sho Madjozi 

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Since Sho Madjozi lost her sister in 2019, the multitalented musician and erudite has been keeping a low profile. The hitmaker has been in the entertainment industry for less than 10 years and she has managed to build a career that many can only dream of.

Over the past few years, the hitmaker has performed on some of the biggest stages in the world and her music has managed to reach all corners of the world. After releasing her megahit John Cena, which is named after the famous WWE wrestler and actor, Sho became an international superstar.

In an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson show, Sho Madjozi met John Cena after he surprised her. The visibly delighted musician could not stop jumping up and down.

However, life has not always been rosy for the starlet. In 2019, Sho and her family were met with unsurmountable grief after her younger sister Nyeleti lost her life in a tragic car accident. Taking to Instagram, Sho Madjozi shared a harrowing post about her younger sister's passing that happened two years ago.

"It’s my little sister’s memorial this weekend. It’s been 2 years since she left us and I have not been the same since," she wrote in part.

She then went on to add that her sister was the "sweetest girl, "She was the bubbliest, sweetest girl and I miss her so much. For her sake, I need to celebrate her life and pick myself up again. Rest well, Nyeleti. Love you always," she wrote.

In 2020, Lootlove also lost a sibling, Taking to Instagram, the radio host shared her grief with her fans, "light of my life. My heart is in shambles. I love you so so so so damn much. I would do anything, anything to bring you back. I would give anything to see this smile again. I can’t believe my babies are going to go through life without uMalume, their absolute favourite person. I can’t believe God thinks I’m strong enough to do this. This makes no sense. This makes no sense... I’m so angry, I’m so confused, I just want you back... Please just come back" she posted at the time.

Another star who lost her brother is Minnie Dlamini. In 2019, the Homeground presenter lost her brother after he was reportedly placed on life support for 23 days.

In 2020, on what would have been her brother's 29th birthday, Minnie paid tribute to her brother who was also a pilot.

"Happy Birthday My King...We all know you were born to fly Captain K we just didn't know it was in the Kingdom of Heaven. We miss you more than anyone can imagine and every day I wish it was me instead of you. As broken as we all are today we will celebrate you through our tears. Happy Birthday Sibalukhulu I love you so much my boy," she wrote at the time.

Shortly after that, her Instagram followers came through with words of encouragement and urged the star to hold on to the memories of her brother. 


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@shomadjozi
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