"Social Media Is The Biggest Cause Of Suicide" Somizi on Patrick Shai's Death

The entertainer pours his heart out

By  | Jan 24, 2022, 11:03 PM 

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The passing of veteran actor Patrick Shai, has sparked a heated conversation about mental health.

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Taking to his Instagram account, Somizi encouraged men to open up about their struggles with mental health instead of bottling things up. This follows the untimely passing of Patrick Shai, American actress and director Regina King's son and Irish singer and songwriter Sinead O'Connor's son.

“I realised this morning that their passing has one thing in common, it's the cause and the how.  The three of them committed suicide and three of them are men and it reminded me about what I always speak about in terms of one, men really bottling stuff in a lot, about what people go through and we never knew," he said.

Somizi who had always reiterated that Twitter is toxic shared how negative cyberbullying can be.

"Social media is the biggest cause of suicide because of cyberbullying, because certain apps are about that, Twitter being one of them, Tik-Tok is going there, its losing its fun and the purpose why it was created," said Somizi.

Award winning amapiano vocalist Lady Du recently penned a lengthy message about cyberbullying and how she has been moved by the actor's passing. She asked everyone to love one another and be kind to others.

"I have never been sooo moved and triggered by a situation kanje,
because of what I wrote last week on twitter!!!! I’m hurting for his family!!!!
I’ve been through the pain of being cyber bullied, and it can take you to a level mentally you don’t even understand. I’ve watched how toxic people have become, how we now have human beings that are God soooo judgemental!!! I’m in sooo much pain because a legend that deserved to be put up on a stage and be given his flowers for his line of work ended up leaving this earth in a painful way!!! Here’s what I ask from all of you, let’s not ruin what he worked for, let’s remember him for his work!!!!! Let’s celebrate the person he was and not how he left us. I beg you from today onwards, celebrities, friends, family, can we be more kinder to people!!!! Body shaming, cyber bullying must come to an end!!! It must end here.

Patrick Shai's body was allegedly found by his wife at the garage of their home in Dobsonville, Soweto. His family told Sunday World that they are still trying to come to terms with his passing.

Shai's family spokesperson Amogelang Mmusi said the family is still in disbelief, “As the family, this came as a bombshell for us, it’s still new, and no one expected this to happen, this came as a shock to us as a family, we are still digesting and having to make peace with Shai’s death.

“We have been looking out from him as the person we were learning from, it’s a serious loss to the family,” said to the publication.

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