Patrick's Son's Hurtful Words Before His Death

This was in reference to his video to Cassper

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Patrick Shai's death came as a shock to the nation, especially because he made headlines for apparently disrespecting Cassper Nyovest and his mother. The circumstances surrounding his death is what shocked people the most as it is speculated that he took his own life.

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They often say a person's last days on earth can be sensed especially because many think their behaviour is telling. When it comes to Patrick, he made a video directed at Cassper saying before he dies, he wants to wrestle the rapper.

What people saw, was an actor looking for clout but it turns out it might have been a cry for help. But days after the whole uproar, his own son Kopano Shai took to Facebook and dragged his father for that "publicity stunt" and called it an embarrassment to the family.

Daily Sun shared deleted Facebook posts from Kopano who put his own father on blast for his message directed at Cassper Nyovest. “Before I die I want to make sure that I’ve beat you so that on my tombstone they can write this is the man who beat Caster or Costa or whatever your sh*t name is … Come you son of a b***h,” he said to Cassper.

According to Kopano, the stunt placed him as well as the Shai family, "in a compromising position."

“You may have seen the videos that have been going around about my dad...I understand the impact that it has on him as a brand equally on myself as an establishing brand. His actions of carelessness and selfishness has put myself and family under a compromising position.

“The embarrassment is severe to a point of no expression. I’m where I am asking myself questions like 'what happened to the doors I’m knocking on?'

“I type this highly emotional with teary eyes. To some it may be funny and some of you under the severity of pain and embarrassment my family is in,” he said before concluding his letter by thanking people for the support. 

This was apparently posted just 3 days before his death. After the family announced his passing, Kopano posted, “Above everything else, he’s my papa. Rest in peace Jita.”
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Patrick Shai's body was allegedly found by his wife at the garage of their home in Dobsonville, Soweto.

His family told Sunday World that they are still trying to come to terms with his passing.

Shai's family spokesperson Amogelang Mmusi said the family is still in disbelief, “As the family, this came as a bombshell for us, it’s still new, and no one expected this to happen, this came as a shock to us as a family, we are still digesting and having to make peace with Shai’s death.

“We have been looking out from him as the person we were learning from, it’s a serious loss to the family,” Mmusi said to the publication.

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