Our first look at Thandeka Zulu's adorable baby

Thandeka gushes over her baby boy 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Thandeka Zulu 

Thandeka Zulu

Thandeka Zulu and her fiance Muji have been anticipating the birth of their first baby, Iwundlu, and now that the baby boy is born, he already has an Instagram page that his mother recently opened.

In July, Zulu announced to her fans that their baby had arrived safely, uploading a picture of baby socks and she recently shared his first picture on her Instagram page with a heartfelt caption about going through hours of labour:

"After 19 hours of labour pains, of staying positive after an emotional journey God blessed us [email protected]_afrosoul with a healthy boy @iwundlungema. It was a Saturday evening 23 June 2018, thank God I had a natural birth which is what I was praying for throughout my pregnancy. I tried to do everything well from excising before and during pregnancy, eating healthy and taking vitamins focused on having a safe delivery. Thank you Jesus" she wrote.

Thandeka Zulu
Thandeka Zulu

So cute.

Main image credit: instagram.com/@mazulurealsoulsa