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The tea is too hot!

By  | Nov 10, 2020, 05:37 PM

Our favourite celebrities have helped start off this week on a very good note. Whilst many are still trying to come to terms with the tragic deaths of Zimbabwean socialite and businessman Ginimbi along with his three friends, we were hit with other tragic news of the passing of comedian Gringo.

Here are some of the stories that trended across the Southern African region.

In Zimbabwe

Lazarus Gringo Boora Has Passed On

Gringo's health was already hanging by a thin thread and he was also admitted into hospital last year for a lengthy period due to a life-threatening illness. Gringo wasn't able to hold on any longer and succumbed to his illness.

Here are other stories:

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In Botswana

Are Jessica Nkosi And TK Dlamini Still An Item?

The couple has been rumoured to have gotten back together after going out for lunch. They posted snaps of them in similar locations that is when fans put two and two together.

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In South Africa

Faith Nketsi Reveals That She Suffered A Miscarriage

Reality TV star Faith Nketsi dropped a bombshell on last night's episode of Have Faith when she revealed that she cheated on Thami Yabo with a wealthy man. She then fell pregnant during her infidelity and the man abandoned her and the unborn baby.

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In Namibia

Betty Davids Is In Mourning

Social media star Betty Davids, is mourning the death of her beloved friend Alichia Adams. Alichia died in a fiery car-crash between a Royce Rolls and Honda Fit in the early hours of Sunday morning in Zimbabwe. The model died along with three other friends, Ginimbi, Karim, and the birthday girl Moana.

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