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Thuli Thabethe known for her roles in Isibaya, Swop, The Mayor and Ses' Top La looks younger than her age and we wonder what her secret is.

She became a household name after she played the role of feisty, gold-digging, funny, and ever so energetic Phumzile on City Se'Sla. She went on to winning a Golden Horn award for best actress in a comedy.

Her life is fab, from luxurious holidays, going on spa days with great views and even safaris, she is not even bothered. Having welcomed 36 with so much grace, we take a look at the 4 times Thuli made us envy her.

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Thuli and T'bo Touch prove us wrong

It has become common that whenever a couple breaks up, they become the worst of enemies. Although Thuli and T'bo Touch's relationship didn't last, they sure know how to get people talking. 

After a really public breakup with T'bo Touch, Thuli came out to say there's no bad blood between her and Thabo, but rather that she admires him for being a great father to their son.

Thuli pays tribute to Menzi Ngubane

The death of Menzi Ngubane had come as a shock to many. His co-star and reel wife in Isibaya, Thuli Thabethe, was crushed.

"In moments like this, I am reminded it’s not about the applause, it’s not about the accolades but it’s about the power of touching people’s lives through the art of performance and drama. You are remarkable, dedicated and authentic. I sincerely want to thank you for what you’ve contributed to this industry and to my career..."

Thuli adds to the number of celebrities that were heartbroken by the passing of Menzi Ngubane.

Thuli Thabethe in the telenovela 'Lingashoni'

Thuli Thabethe recently posted a video of the fun, crazy and formidable cast of the brand-new telenovela Lingashoni that she stars in.

Through this telenovela, we wanted to tell a story that reveals the lived experiences of most South Africans. The themes of this telenovela will include family drama, love, betrayal, scandalous affairs and crime. The last thing that everybody wants is for Mandla to regain his memory. Will Mandla remember what happened to him on the day of his memory loss?"

Read the full story here

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Thuli's tell-all about 'Beauty'

Thuli is by far everyone's fave actress ad when she made her debut on Isibaya as 'Beauty', we knew her acting prowess was going to keep us glued to our screens. She did not disappoint.

Speaking about the similarities she had with Beauty, she said: "Beauty is a code switcher, meaning that she can adapt to any situation, if you put me in a boardroom with Business execs, I will adapt, when I am at my son's school with soccer moms, I adapt, when I am in the hood, I can also adapt the same way I adapt when I am in the suburbs."

Despite the slap, Judas gave 'Beauty' Thuli explained that her character did not simply portray a taxi driver's wife, but a very powerful lawyer. 

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