5 Shady Zalebrity hacks

Where there's smoke there's usually fire...

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 Zalebrity hacks are nothing new to Mzansi. Every week there's a new scammer trying to score a quick buck from an unsuspecting star
But sometimes the 'hack' itself seems pretty suspicious. And the stars themselves come across a little too shady for our liking.
We can't help wonder is there's more to the story than what they are letting on?
These 5 Zalebs claimed they were hacked under very dubious circumstances
Babes Wodumo - Lack of accountability?
Babes trended for all the wrong reasons this week when a video of her allegedly mocking Lady Zamar went viral this week.
Babes's voice could be heard in the background calling Lady Zamar a b***** in isiZulu. The qgom singer also mocked the latter's struggle with acne.
But Babes herself feigned any wrong-doing and blamed it all on hackers. 
Fans are also not convinced the Wololo singer is telling the truth. 
“Who hacks a voice?”, claimed one tweep.

Scoop Makathini - Out for revenge?
The radio & TV personality went on an epic Twitter rant, accusing his girlfriend Akhona Carpede of cheating on him with her male friend.
He also labelled her 'trash', to the horror of many fans.
“You have turned out to be the worst human I’ve ever met! I loathe you! and to think I almost paid lobola *spits* @missacalaca you are trash,” he posted in since deleted tweets.
After catching major heat for airing his dirty laundry, Scoop returned to Twitter to claim he that he had been hacked - on his birthday too!
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But fans were not to be fooled. "Nobody, & I repeat nobody would think of hacking scoop," claimed one tweep
Sjava - Secret lovers?
The Umqhele maker seemingly confirmed his romance with fellow singer Lady Zamar when he tweeted flirty pics of the private couple.  Sjava - real name Jabulani Hadebe - was pictured kissing the Collide singer affectionately on her cheek.
But Sjava claimed he didn't post the pics, even though Lady Zamar confirmed their 2 year-long relationship.
She tweeted in response; "Yeah we dated from June 2017 and ended things March 2019... That’s all so y’all can stop with the questions..Yes he denied it to the media but that’s coz we wanted it to be a private thing... Cats out the bag I guess..such a pity it had to come out this way. 
Interestingly enough, Lady Zamar alluded to a being in a love triangle earlier this year, during a time when the pair would have been in a relationship.
Which begs the question, who is the third person in this triangle? And did they hack Sjava's account?
Tellaman - One hand in the cookie jar?
The Whipped singer shocked fans last year he tweeted a series of very intimate DMs between himself and local singer Rowlene. At the time, Tellaman was dating actress and model Nandi Mbatha.
To many it appeared the singer had been caught red-handed. But he pulled the 'Ive been hacked card', claiming that it was all a big understanding
After he returned to Twitter following a 2 week hiatus, Tellaman issued an apology to both Nandi and Rowlene in a since-deleted tweet.
"I just hope all this didn’t affect Rowlene and Nandi in a bad way. I know how hard they work and they deserve way better," he tweeted
Malusi Gigaba - Wrong recipient?
Malusi landed in hot water after he assumed he was sending nudes to his lady love, Norma. In actual fact, the Home Affairs minister claimed that his phone had been hacked and all his private pictures stolen.
Who would go to such lengths to embarrass the minister? Or did Malusi - who previously had an affair with 'side-chick' Buhle Mkhize - send the x-rated clip to another by accident?
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