The Saga continues - AKA and Anatii's new single is pretty dope

The duo teased the prospect of new music last week and it's finally here.

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AKA x Anatii 10 Fingers

Remember when we told you guys that your faves were all working on new music? At first we thought these were solo efforts but in the first of a string of new music, it turns out that there are a few collabos in the mix. 

The first of which is a new jam called 10 Fingers by Anatii and AKA. 

AKA first teased the beat in a video he posted last week and judging from the production, we assumed there might be an Anatii influence on the production. It turns out we were right. 

10 Fingers debuted for the first time last night at Anatii’s birthday celebration at Kong in Johannesburg to a great reception and the public got their first taste of the track when DJ Sbu premiered the song on his breakfast show earlier this morning. 

The duo has had a tumultuous relationship in the past but we are so glad they managed to squash the beef and keep it all about the music. 

“It's great to be back in studio with AKA, there's undeniable energy when we work together. Hope the world is ready for a whole new wave,” said Anatii in a statement, while AKA simply said "I'm looking forward to hearing how much the fans love this song. What a smash. This is only the beginning..." 

 Raphael Benza of Vth Season confirmed that this is in fact the beginning as we can expect an AKA album this year. 

“AKA has dominated the South African music industry with no new album for over 2 years… imagine what’s going to happen with the release of AKA’s third studio album this year?” said Benza.

With lyrics like "I paid the price to be the main man. 10 years running, what you saying man. Now they recognize me like a name brand. I think my future needs some Ray Bans," 10 Fingers features a catchy melody, and that signature Electronic Bushman sound paired with AKA's word-play and flow.

While the bars aren't anything to write home about, the track will go down well amongst party goers enjoying what's left of summer. The Saga is more of a jump but there is no reason to compare the two when this wasn't aiming to be The Saga part II.

Fans can also expect to start hearing the hit single on national radio stations from today.

"Shall we continue with The Saga?" Yes, please! 

“Live fast, never die slow, I’ve got a special button for the nitro. I’m getting money like the white folk…Haibo! 10 fingers on the Bible…” 

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