"Scoop Makhathini Is An Absent Father"


By  | May 24, 2021, 01:14 PM  | Siyabonga "Scoop Makhathini" Ngwekazi  | Drama

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Music executive Nota Baloyi has once again shook the timeline when he went on a rant slamming drugs and alcohol abuse in the Hip/Hop industry. Judging by the harsh words he used and name dropping, many are lead to believe that the self-proclaimed The Authority, had an agenda.

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Nota took shots at media personality and fashion icon Scoop Makhathini for being a dead beat father, but where did all of that come from? Well, Berita's husband was going on an Instagram live and spoke ill of Hip Hop producer Makwa and dissed his entire family. He even took aim at his sexual orientation by suggesting he makes kids he cannot take care of. 

The issue is still over the unpaid royalties that Makwa alleges are owed to him. He was part of a group called Rap Lyfe, where Kwesta and Nota were involved with. However Kwesta has since admitted to his faults whereas Nota continues to point fingers.

On the viral Insta clips, Nota tells Makwa to keep his name out of his mouth and pursue the courts if he wants his money. He says Makwa's children are more deserving of the money since he allegedly does not take care of them.

"...If there's money owed to him, his kids deserve that money. He's got 2 kids that he is raising," said Nota, before hurling a great deal of insults to Makwa. He then took aim at Scoop Makhathini saying he too is an absent father.

"That's the same sh*t I was calling out Scoop for, Scoop going out there talking sh*t about me. Scoop has a problem cause he's an absent father he can't even raise his own kid," he accused.

Nota proceeded by saying he cannot have such recklessness in a culture he contributed a great deal to. Many thought he was taking aim at AKA and Anele Tembe issue which has been highly speculated that drugs and alcohol played a role in their sad ending.

Nota even threw insults at Makwa's parents calling his mother names but Makwa retaliated, "You do not get to call my Mom a B**ch then live a happy life."
Watch some of the clips below:

Telling his side of the story about the speculations is Kwesta who admitted to being guilty to some of the allegations but released himself as the one to blame.

"As success came, through everyone's efforts - Difference of ideas, mismanagement of funds and many other things led to distrust. I'm guilty of some of these things and so are Nota and Leroy...Leroy handled the finances, Nota was the music executive and I, as Kwesta, was the catalyst to source funds through performances, endorsements etc,โ€ said Kwesta.

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