Anele Mdoda Involved In A Car Accident

She got saved by Cassper's sneakers

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Anele Mdoda left her followers shaken when she announced that she was involved in a car accident, which happened on Saturday, the 25th. The radio personality hurt her leg but thanks to Cassper Nyovest's sneakers, she did not suffer any serious ankle injuries.

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Taking to social media, Anele teased her followers with just a portion of what happened and why she was required to wear a moon boot. "What a bloody long day!!!! You won’t believe what happened to me resulting in this moon boot. It’s the most bizarre thing to happen as it was happening I was in disbelief," she revealed.

She promised to tell her fans what exactly happened on her 947 radio breakfast show at 7:10 this morning, because the story was too long to type on Instagram, "’s too long of a tale to tell here but madness was the order of the day. I am fine but I was a little sad shame. I had a cry or two," an emotional Anele said.

Living up to her promise, Anele spoke about the rather traumatic accident saying it took place at OR Tambo International Airport, when she had just came back from Eastern Cape, where she was visiting her family.

At the airport she waited for her bae to pick her up and take her home, little did she know what was going to happen to her. Standing at the pick up point at the airport, Anele suddenly got thrown into the floor. Her first thought was that she was getting mugged as she felt pressure on top of her and her leg stuck, which eventually lead to her body getting frozen. 

When she turned back, she got the shock of her life - a car had hit her. The driver of the car did not move his car on top of her, instead he got out of his car and wanted to argue with her, putting the blame on her, as she was supposedly on her phone.

“I am, waiting to get picked up [by my boyfriend] and now I’m standing where everyone is standing, waiting to get picked up. The next thing, I feel the biggest pressure forcing me to the ground. It is the most bizarre feeling, so I think ‘oh I’m getting mugged’, so I turn to grab whoever is mugging me,” she revealed as quoted by Daily Sun.

“Then I’m on the floor and I’m wondering what is going on. The next thing I feel my right foot is just stuck. I’m trying to move it, but it’s stuck. Now I can’t move my entire body, but there’s something on top of me. Guys, did I not get hit by a car!” she said.

Anele's ankle got saved by Cassper Nyovest's sneaker - yup the one that is getting a lot of hate. Anele said she called Cassper to tell him and applaud him for the comfortable sneaker. 

“It was a Cassper Nyovest 990, I actually called him yesterday and told him to listen to the show today. It’s got quite a sole and that’s why the car couldn’t climb onto it. The shoe is that strong.”

Thankfully, her sneaker prevented her ankle from breaking, and said her doctor was a bit OTT for making her wear the moon boot, “It’s not broken, in fact, I think the moon boot is a bit of an overkill, but the doctor didn’t want me to go home, the one that I saw. The biggest bruise is the skin scrape which is just 4cm above from my ankle. There’s a huge wound, I kept on saying to the doctors it’s burning, I feel a burning sensation. But it turned out I had scraped that entire side when he dragged me on the tar.”

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