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Lasizwe Dambuza broke the internet today when he announced that his YouTube character Nomatriquency, has landed a job at Steers. The comedian does not want to celebrate this massive achievement alone, as he has called on his followers to participate in a competition, to win something amazing.

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Without divulging too much information about his new deal with Steers, he hinted, "I'm so nervous about the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I’m about to do today...I’m in such a celebration mood! I need my fans to also be in the mood."

Lasizwe is doing this for his fans as a token of his appreciation for their support, "Good Luck to everyone entering and this is my token of appreciation to you for your support."

In the promotional video he shared, Lasizwe - or should we say Nomatriquency can be seen serving unexpected customers with the same attitude Noma is known for.

Lasizwe's YouTube career blew up very quickly and he made a lot of money from the streaming platform. He was a guest on Sphectacula, and DJ Nave's YouTube show The King's Cast, where he spoke about his career and more.

"Over the years that I have been on YouTube ayi siyidlile imali (we ate money)...I have clocked over six figures. My first check on YouTube was R80 000," he said. His last project was Drink or Tell The Truth which saw celebrity guest judges spilling the beans on things they would never talk about.

Speaking on the show he said he wanted to treat his audience to something a bit different, "I have been doing skits for four years, what else can I do?" he asked before adding that he came across James Corden's show called Spill your guts and he was inspired. "I was like, that's a great concept but how do you take the "insipiredness" and create something new from it, and that's how Drink Or Tell The Truth came about," Lasizwe explained.

He also spoke about how the industry makes people robots and they often lose themselves. "I really wanna fall pregnant this year. I think This year or next year or three years to come I wanna be pregnant, and also now I want to settle down a bit. Not just with someone or whatever but with myself. I am in a space where I just need to realize that I am human because in this industry we become robots. Everyone just wants a piece of you, when you come home you are empty."

On his last episode he admitted to falling through the pressures of social media after he lied about buying a house on Sandton. “Okay, to be honest, if Khanyi didn’t call me out, (laughs). But lesson learnt, for me. You know journalists, they investigate and it would’ve spiralled out of control and I’d look way worse. Thank you so much for calling me out.” He expressed.

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