Naak Musiq Pays His Respects To Cassper

He won the celebrity boxing match

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Naak Musiq has decided to pay his respects to Cassper Nyovest after he whipped his a** in the boxing ring. Naak could have gotten cocky like his opponent but he decided to tip his hat off at Cassper and we love it.

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Taking to his Instagram, Naak Musiq commended Cassper for making an entire continent watch boxing on the night they fought at Sun City. He said he has mad respect for him.

But he switched off his comments to the post, "This man had the whole continent watching boxing. Mad respect." This might be to minimize the negative comments which would have been directed towards Cassper.

He did however throw shade at Cassper when he won and said, "the beauty of silence."

This is because Cassper has been a loudmouth ever since he challenged Cassper to a boxing match.

On the night of the fight, Naak Musiq thanked everyone who supported his team, "As we enter this once in a life time moment, I would like to thank everyone that has shown my team & I so much support & encouragement leading up to this celebrity fight.

"The sport of Boxing has taught me fundamental principals & what it means to fight for something in life. Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior. Thank you TEAM NAAKMUSIQ, Gods got us, always!"

Cassper on the other hand was not a sore loser and congratulated Naak. But he is coming off as one because he challenged him to a re-match. 

"What a fucking amazing nightt!!! Sun City packed to come watch boxing and it all started with a dream to bring boxing to the big stage. Took an L But we come back stronger. We will hear from the other team when they want da rematch, I say 3 Months would be enough and we get back in."

Slik Talk, the man Cassper defeated poked fun at him and said Naak made him eat humble pie. 

“You found an opponent that was prepared and ready and he completely humbled you. I want to give a complete shoutout to Cassper for organizing this boxing event. Tonight was a celebration, you just got your arse whipped because you were too arrogant. You were posting your videos training, you took it lightly. First of all, You had one boxing match and you took this one lightly . Naak completely humbled you. I definitely want to see a rematch,'' he said.

“Initially when I saw NaakMusiQ's condition I thought this n*gga was going to get beat. When I saw NaakMusiQ he was looking like he was pregnant at the weigh in and I was like Cassper will beat this guy, but NaakMusiQ came out and showed out,” said Slik Talk.

But the rest of the country all poked fun at Cassper and laughed at him and for also providing us with a lot of memes as well. 

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