Babes And Mampintsha Are Mourning

They lost someone very close to them

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Babes Wodumo and her husband Mampintsha are mourning a close person yet again. Taking to social media, Mampintsha shared the sad news of their friend Siphiwe's passing.

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A loss is something that is very difficult to overcome especially if you had just buried another close family member 3 months back. Mampintsha and Babes are currently mourning the loss of their friend Sphiwe who according to a close friend with the late Siphiwe, got shot to death.

A woman by the IG name @candice_magwaza, said she too was with Siphiwe when the shooting happened and she got hit but luckily survived, "I was with him when it all happened I also got shot but I survived. It is sad that in the end he lost his life."

Just a few months ago, Spontshi's parents laid their brother to rest but what grabbed people's attention was Babes' outfit. She wore all black but her outfit was a bit revealing. She wore a crop top and short skirt with a long blazer and a black fedora hat which sat on a green weave and the entire look made her look like a cartoon character who plays a witch.

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha's relationship was marred with negativity because there was some abuse at play. In an interview with MacG, Babes did not really stretch much on the abuse but spoke about how they met, “I met Mampintsha when I was still a video vixen. I was 16/17 years old. He’d always call me to check up on me and I ended up catching feelings. We will be surprising you guys soon - our wedding special will be on Showmax.”

One of her friends reacted negatively to the news and said, "Do you know what trouble is Babes getting herself into? She is going to be stuck at home all the time. We won’t be able to get free alcohol and expensive champagne. Ever since you’ve known Babes all you drink is expensive champagne. What about all the expensive sneakers that I used to get?” Reacted one of her friends to the news.

Babes reassured the friend that her marriage would not affect an of her friendships.

“I understand because they are my friends. They need to own some of the clothes that I wear and the things that I can afford. I’m not the type of friend that wants to look good while my friends struggle. So they’re like family to me. That’s how close we are.”

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