Babes Wodumo gets the BIGGEST co-sign

Ululation and celebration as Babes Wodumo shines in the post-movie credits. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Babes Wodumo  | Top of The

Babes Wodumo at the screening

Okay, so Babes has been doing the things as of late. If you haven't been saying Kikirikikiki then where have you been? I mean 'Oh my word'. 

With the full roll-out of Black Panther going down (this article should be out after the 16th, so you have no excuse to miss it) people are going buck with their outfits. But another thing which caught a lot of people's attention was how South African artists are all over the Black Panther soundtrack (we spoke about that here).  But the soundtrack isn't the only place they are. 

Social media took to the streets to express their 'wow' and congratulate Babes on landing her hit 'Wololo' into the movie. Now, this is an important thing because 'Wololo' was once the 'deputy national anthem of South Africa' so now imagine. 

Of course, to find out which part of the movie the song plays, well, you'll have to watch it. After you've done that, tell us if you heard any other local heroes in there. 

Main image credit: instagram/babes_wodumo