Basetsana Kumalo's Husband Catches More Smoke From Musa Khawulo

There seems to be no end in sight over the drama

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Basetsana Kumalo's husband, Romeo Kumalo continues to catch smoke at the hands of Musa Khawula. The controversial social media entertainment blogger has dropped an even bigger bomb at the Kumalo's doorstep.

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Romeo Kumalo catches even bigger flames and all thanks to controversial social media entertainment blogger Musa Khawula. Musa Khawulo has been on Romeo Kumalo case, whether he was accusing him of belonging to a secret society that is mostly frowned up and unspoken of.

This time around, Musa Khawulo has taken to social media to share a beautiful picture of media mogul Basetsana Kumalo and husband Romeo Kumalo while in holiday in France. Musa Khawula did not mince his words as he captions the pair's picture while claiming with his whole chest that Romeo Kumalo is allegedly tied down in financial crisis with one of his friends.

"Basetsana Khumalo with her scandalous husband Romeo Khumalo in France. Romeo Khumalo swindled his best friend Happy Ntshingila of millions. They bought shares with Vodacom to supply its customers with airtime advance but Happy never received his dividends" wrote Musa Khawula
Tweeps did not waste no time as they collectively joined hands to thrown in their two cents surrounding a number scandal that has been alleged against Romeo Kumalo over the years. Following in Mus Khawula's steps, tweeps have chipped in while naming and shaming the not only Romeo Khumalo but Basetsana Kumalo as well.

"Allegedly they are in an open relationship, they both have boyfriends... eka wifey iseDipkloef, very much allegedly" wrote Pumeza Nqojana
"Semdala we2 to divorce and cc bonakala ngat status yastanda. And no I dnt mean financial status!! I mean that she wants to mantain her public figure cs mos shes the pillow of strength to others ... andazi!" wrote Cancerian Mszee

While tweeps are calling each other out to refrain from saying any further possible damaging details, it has become apparent that the issue that Musa Khawula has raised is well known by the public at large. One tweep conveyed that the news surrounding Romeo Kumaloowing money was also mentioned at the State Capture Commission.

"It's well known. Including stuff mentioned in State Capture Commission. Angy'susi... baningi abamazelayo" wrote Empire
It appears Musa Khawula will stop at nothing while ruffling feathers of Mzansi's most elites and loved personalities and Romeo Kumalo is not the first and certainly not the last.

The Kumalo's have not responded to the news, and who can blame them since the pair is roaming the streets of France while in holiday.

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