South African Beyoncé fans heartbroken over Global Citizen tickets

You win some, you lose some. And this was a great loss to some beyhive members

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There is only one week left until the biggest concert in the country hits our shores. Many South Africans can’t wait to witness the great entertainment that lies in store for them, especially Beyoncé's performance.

In the past couple of weeks, Global Citizen organizers sent out hundreds of emails to those who were lucky enough to win a ticket to the concert. The second last draw happened on 19 November. Sadly, not everyone made it onto the winners' list. The good news is that last draw will take place this coming week, where 500 double passes will be drawn.

However, some of Beyoncé’s eager fans have given up hope that they’ll get the opportunity to finally see their queen perform at FNB Stadium on 2 December, 2018. 

These are just some of the heartbreaking, yet hilarious responses from those who've won, and some who have not yet won tickets.

And the best Global Citizen tweet goes to @SuburbanZulu, who was kind enough to create a thread about where Beyoncé was spotted in South Africa.

If you're still not sure if Queen Bey will be attending the festival, then maybe this tweet will convince you otherwise.

Remember guys, it's not over yet. There's one more draw left. You still have a chance to attend the show. 


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Beyoncé